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We keep the production facilities of our customers in operation and in good condition. We are a safe partner helping to improve productivity and minimize process disruptions. In addition to long-term operation and maintenance contracts we offer project, engineering and installation services to industry. Our digital solutions represent the best-in-class development in the field.

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AI-based MP INtelligence solution to monitor Stockholm Exergi’s energy production in Stockholm, Sweden

  Stockholm Exergi has deployed Maintpartner’s MP INtelligence Anomaly Detection Solution to monitor its heat and power generation in the greater Stockh...

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Fortum and Maintpartner agree on continuation of Meri-Pori power plant O&M partnership

Fortum and Maintpartner have extended the Meri-Pori power plant operation and maintenance partnership agreement until the end of 2023. Maintpartner's employee...

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Blog: Does operator driven reliability (ODR) make sense?

Traditionally, the industrial O&M is run by the production and maintenance teams operating in separate organizations, performing their own tasks. Yet effici...

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Industrial maintenance

Energy operation & maintenance

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industrial productivity and digital solutions

Productivity and Digital Solutions



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