Our customers and employees give good feedback on safety performance and environmental issues

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For the second year running, the management of safety and environmental issues ranked high in the annual customer and employee surveys. We have focused a lot on preventive safety management which has resulted in the best safety records in Maintpartner’s history.

All in all, our customers experienced that the quality and efficiency of our services are on a good level and have improved. Customers are very satisfied with our employees’ attitude and co-operation with Maintpartner as a whole. This same good level of cooperation and team work was a strength also among our employees according to the survey.

We are committed to continuous improvement. This year we will further improve our ability to manage and develop our services. Combining human and artificial intelligence, the expertise of our people with our digital services, takes us another step forward in our journey to be the best productivity partner for our customers.

Further information: Laura Kauppinen, EVP, Corporate Development, Maintpartner Group, +358 45 264 6686