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We keep the production facilities of our customers in operation and in good condition. We are a safe partner helping to improve productivity and minimize process disruptions. In addition to long-term operation and maintenance contracts we offer project, engineering and installation services to industry. Our digital solutions represent the best-in-class development in the field.

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Automation system renewed by Maintpartner improves the reliability of production line at Koskisen Oy

Maintpartner has upgraded the automation system for grinding and sorting the plywood boards at Koskisen Oy's production plant in Järvelä, southern Finland. ...

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Caverion acquires Maintpartner operations in Finland, Estonia and Poland to boost its growth in industrial services

  Caverion has signed an agreement with Maintpartner Holding Oy to acquire all of the shares in Maintpartner Group Oy including its subsidiaries in Finlan...

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Development on point–customers increasingly feel that our service level has risen

According to our annual customer survey, a quarter of our customers see our service level rising from the previous year. The survey was conducted in January a...

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Industrial maintenance

Energy operation & maintenance

mp projectsProject, Installation & Engineering Services


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industrial productivity and digital solutions

Productivity and Digital Solutions



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