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We keep the production facilities of our customers in operation and in good condition. We are a safe partner helping to improve productivity and minimize process disruptions. In addition to long-term operation and maintenance contracts we offer project, engineering and installation services to industry. Our digital solutions represent the best-in-class development in the field.

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Group CEO Pasi Tolppanen to act also as MD of Maintpartner’s Finnish companies

  Pasi Tolppanen, CEO of Maintpartner Group, will also be the acting Managing Director of Maintpartner’s Finnish companies (Maintpartner Oy and Maintpar...

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Maintpartner installed piping at Kiilto's new chemicals discharge point in Lempäälä, Finland

  Maintpartner has installed all piping, pumps and valves for Kiilto Oy at their newest discharge point in the Lempäälä plant, where tank trucks discha...

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Maintpartner implements safety-enhancing improvements at UPM Energy's floodgates

In recent years, Maintpartner has renovated several of UPM Energy's hydropower floodgates at river Kymijoki, Finland. Maintpartner typically carries out the e...

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mp service agreementsOperation and Maintenance Agreements



Industrial maintenance

Energy operation & maintenance

mp projectsProject, Installation & Engineering Services


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industrial productivity and digital solutions

Productivity and Digital Solutions



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