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We keep the production facilities of our customers in operation and in good condition. We are a safe partner helping to improve productivity and minimize process disruptions. In addition to long-term operation and maintenance contracts we offer project, engineering and installation services to industry. Our digital solutions represent the best-in-class development in the field.

We are now part of Caverion Group.




Maintpartner earns EcoVadis Gold rating on sustainability

Maintpartner has been awarded the EcoVadis Gold rating, the highest level of recognition for its work on sustainable development. Maintpartner ranks among th...

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This Christmas, Maintpartner supports Red Cross's youth and family work

This Christmas we support Red Cross’s youth activities and low-income families with children. In recent years, our Christmas donations have been directed to ...

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The Competition Authorities have approved Caverion’s Maintpartner-acquisition

The Competition Authorities have approved the transaction where Caverion acquires the Finnish, Polish and Estonian subsidiaries of Maintpartner Group. Togethe...

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mp service agreementsOperation and Maintenance Agreements



Industrial maintenance

Energy operation & maintenance

mp projectsProject, Installation & Engineering Services


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industrial productivity and digital solutions

Productivity and Digital Solutions



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