Maintpartner is a specialist in operation and maintenance of industry and facilities

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We are one of the leading industrial operation and maintenance companies in northern Europe. Our clientele consists of industrial enterprises and the public sector.

Maintpartner’s company story begins in 2006 in the energy industry. Today we serve several industries: the strongest foothold we have in energy, chemical and metal industries.

We plan our solutions individually for each customer utilizing our versatile service offering. Our long-term maintenance agreements are a guarantee of cost-efficiency, high-quality service, expertise and improved availability and productivity for our customers.

There are approx. 1,100 employees in Finland. We operate also in Sweden, Estonia and Poland, where we have nearly 700 colleagues. Our net sales in 2018 amounted to 165 M€.

We are now part of Caverion Group. Since December 2019, Maintpartner's operations in Finland, Estonia and Poland are part of Caverion's Industrial Solutions »
In Sweden, Maintpartner AB continues its operation as an independent company.

The Group parent company Maintpartner Group Oy has five operative subsidiares, of which the Group owns 100%:

  • In Finland, Maintpartner Oy and Maintpartner Expert Services Oy
  • In Poland, Maintpartner ASI S.p.z.o.o
  • In Estonia, Maintpantner OÜ


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