Mission, Vision, Code of Conduct

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We improve productivity in the industry by providing expertise and tools for operations and maintenance. We work in a safe and sustainable way.


We will be the leader in industrial operation and maintenance, and the best productivity partner with operations globally.

Code of Conduct - our ethical principles


Responsible and ethically upstanding business practices are the foundation for our operations. We have defined values Customer focus, Reliability and Executing change. The Code of Conduct sets out the standards of responsible behavior for each individual employee. We also require our suppliers and sub-contractors to act according to the same principles. The Code is a part of our management system, Maintpartner Way.

Keeping promises

  • We give promises which we can keep.
  • We make sure all parties involved understand the promises and commitments we have made.
  • We follow up and ensure the delivery of our commitments, impact of our work and realization of changes.

Professional backbone

  • We perform work with professional pride. We have a positive service mind.
  • We stick to agreed timetables, high quality, occupational and environmental safety.
  • We take the responsibility for the outcome of my work and actions.
  • We develop our skills and competences.
  • We actively make improvement proposals to the benefit of our customers and Maintpartner.

Clear communication

  • We express our point of view clearly and actively.
  • We ensure others have relevant information.
  • We make sure to deliver messages, even difficult ones, as planned.

Showing respect

  • We always act in a respectful manner and treat people equally. We do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment what so ever.
  • We value honesty. We act only on facts, not on assumptions.

Ethical integrity

  • We do not engage in corruption, extortion, theft or bribery. We do not allow any kind of illegal payments when dealing with customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and other business partners.
  • We do not accept hospitality, gifts, payments, or any other benefits that might affect or that might be used to affect our judgment.
  • We do not discuss or share material with our customers, competitors or other stakeholders about trade or business secrets, or any matters that are confidential or matters that might distort competition.
  • We never act against laws, regulations or orders of the authorities.

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