Operational model and certificates

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MP Way frameworkWe have defined the management practices, structure, processes, tools and competences especially for industrial operation and maintenance business. Our operational model ensures efficient and high-quality delivery of services to our customers in various industries.

The objective of Maintpartner Way is to add value to our customers and to bring profitable growth to us. Framework is the same for all, but it is applied and adjusted locally. It has been certified according to

Maintpartner Way is used as basis when building customer specific management systems.

Customer specific solutions from HUBs

We deliver tailored industrial service solutions for each customer from flexible and cost-efficient regional HUBs. All maintenance professionals belong to customer teams over which HUBs coordinate resources and special competencies flexibly. The HUB structure provides excellence and economies of scale and scope in all our business segments.

Mobile MP Flow for workflow management

Efficient mobile system ensures full transparency for the customer. It ensures that the right maintenance work is performed at the right time and that there are the right resources for the implementation.

Our technicians use the MP Flow mobile application to communicate maintenance needs and orders, and the data is updated in the plant’s maintenance system without delay. The customer has continuous visibility to pending and completed maintenance operations.

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