Health, safety, quality and environmental policies

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Occupational health and safety policy

Our target is to serve our customers with high standards in health and safety performance. We promote occupational health and safety as well as work ability of our employees by preventive actions and active risk management.

We invest in health and work ability jointly with our stakeholders and work in cooperation with employees to promote health at work throughout the different phases of work life. Our approach to health care is wide from preventive health care to rehabilitation.

We continuously develop our working environment and train our employees in work safety. We carefully analyze risks and make preventive actions such as observation walks. We require all our employees and subcontractors to comply with our safety procedures.

We collect and analyze information on accidents and near miss deviations to prevent further accidents. Our target is zero accidents. We monitor near misses, accidents and sickness absences monthly at all organizational levels.

Quality policy

We want to secure an excellent customer experience with high-quality service delivery. We manage our services in close co-operation with the customer and strive to fulfill customer expectations and reach the jointly agreed service targets.

We review our service performance against the targets. We actively ask customer feedback, are proactive in giving improvement ideas, develop our processes and methods continuously, and take prompt actions when needed. We improve efficiency, quality and transparency to create real value to our customers.

Our operational model, MP Way, ensures stable and similar processes in every country and enhances operations in a systematic and efficient way.

Our operational model is certified in accordance with environmental (ISO 14001), quality (ISO 9001), and occupational health and safety management standards (OHSAS 18001).

Environmental policy

Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact by improving our operations and to burden the environment as little as possible. We also help our customers to improve their environmental impact.

We pay special attention to energy efficiency related issues, and are committed to decreasing our own and our customers’ use of natural reserves. We comply with the environmental legislation and treat our and our customers’ property in an appropriate way.

We monitor the number of environmental deviations and carry out analysis of environmental aspects at our sites. We support sustainability by building up awareness of environmental aspects within Maintpartner and among our customers, and bring up environmental improvement ideas for the benefit of our customers.