Maintpartner Group’s Supplier and Subcontractor Requirements

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Maintpartner is a northern European supplier of industrial maintenance and operation services. We use only service providers and subcontractors who have acceptable ways of working and high safety, environmental and quality standards, and offer their employees occupational health services as required by law.

We are against corruption and do not accept significant personal gifts or benefits from our existing or potential suppliers, and do not provide such gifts or benefits to our suppliers.

All suppliers and subcontractors are required to comply with the legislation related to data protection of individuals, engage in responsible business practices, and compete fairly and ethically.

Suppliers approved by Maintpartner shall undertake to comply with the principles below. Maintpartner reserves the right to audit a supplier’s operational models to ensure compliance with these requirements.

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Business Practices

Maintpartner undertakes to engage in responsible business. We do not allow corruption, extortion, theft, bribery or any kind of illegal payments when dealing with business partners. We do not do business with companies banned from business operations or companies who are lead by persons banned from practicing commercial activities.

We treat people equally, with respect, and never accept, for example, child labour, discrimination or harassment.
We do not reveal Maintpartner’s or its customers business secrets or matters that might distort competition but undertake to compete fairly and ethically.

Data Protection

We undertake to comply with the current laws on personal data protection either as controller or processor.

We ensure that the service is always in compliance with the requirements of the current personal data protection legislation, with particular regard to the privacy by design and default of information systems. We take care of the proper protection of the information we are handling to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the customer’s data.

Occupational Safety

We always perform the work safely. We carefully analyse risks, take preventive measures such as observation walks, continuously invest in development and training of work safety.

We collect and analyse information on accidents and near miss cases to prevent further accidents. We demand safety, and do not accept deviations by our own or our subcontractors’ personnel. Maintpartner’s target is zero accidents.


Maintpartner is committed to decrease its own and its customers’ use of natural reserves, such as energy and raw materials.

We minimize the environmental impact of our work by improving the operations in order to burden the environment as little as possible. We treat property in an appropriate way and always comply with the environmental legislation.


We provide services in close cooperation with the customer, with the aim of meeting our customers' expectations and achieving jointly agreed service targets. We commit to high quality and efficiency of the provided services with regard to their scope, schedule and costs.

Maintpartner is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Our suppliers and subcontractors act according to the same principles. We never act against laws and regulations, regulations of public authorities, or instructions given by Maintpartner site or the customer company.