Partnership in all industrial sectors

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Our industry professionals provide services in an efficient way to various industries in operation and maintenance of facilities as well as in special projects.

Thanks to our long experience of industrial environments we have a strong foundation for developing best practices. The experience is reflected also in the ability of our employees to find quick and workable solutions when problems arise. Our competence increases both individual and environmental safety - in all industrial sectors.

Our new digital services enable more planned and predictive activities. We maximize the availability of production plants utilizing real-time customer data, analyses and automated instructions. We also assist our customers in finding energy-efficient and innovative solutions for their equipment, among other things, while continuously developing our operations.


Here are some of the industrial sectors where we operate:

Energiateollisuus Energy: Strong expertise in power plants and hydropower plants

Processes in energy production and improving production efficiency are our key competencies. We have several decades of experience in the energy sector, for example

  • operation and maintenance of power plants
  • annual maintenance shutdowns
  • operation and maintenance of district heating and cooling networks
  • projects, like e.g. modernization of electrical systems and fuel handling systems in power plants.

In the energy industry, power plants sometimes operate at full power and sometimes at less than full power, which is why the need for staff also varies. In accordance with our flexible operational model, we use our staff in a cost-efficient manner in both operation and maintenance. MP INtelligence has demonstrated its benefits at various power plants in Finland where it typically eliminates some 30 – 80% of unavailability costs. Our energy experts are available for projects around the world.

Kemianteollisuus Chemicals industry: Focus on safety and the environment

The chemical industry is one of Maintpartner’s main industries. The industry is controlled by heavy regulation and highly advanced processes, especially with regard to safety, reliability, and availability. We ensure that our customers’ practices are incorporated into our own operations with the help of strong change management, staff training, and industry-specific experience.

The industry involves working in a particularly high-risk operational environment, with regard to both safety and the environment. Preventive maintenance and prevention play a key role in avoiding environmental damage.

Our customers in the chemical industry include local factories and production plants of international companies, with whom we have signed long-term maintenance contracts. We also provide project, installation and engineering services for refinery and large-scale industry areas, among other customers.


Metalliteollisuus Metal industry: We are familiar with machine tools and condition monitoring

When companies in the metal industry search for a partner in maintenance, their requirements usually include expertise, cost efficiency, and flexibility. Maintpartner provides all of these. We have served as a partner for some of our customers in the metal industry for over two decades.

The good availability of machines and production processes in varying load situations is extremely important. We help our customers to develop their production processes and increase the availability of their machines.

Our special strength is familiarity with machinery, and we have special expertise in the field of machine tools in particular, from the mechanical side to electrical and control applications. We also have strong expertise in the maintenance of metal industry equipment, based on condition monitoring.

We have also established a strong network of subcontractors and a material procurement network. This allows us to guarantee sufficient resources for all needs. Our customers also appreciate our smooth procurement process; we often purchase machine-specific spare parts on behalf of our customers, for example.


Elintarviketeollisuus Food industry: Flexible planning of preventive maintenance and resourcing

Companies in the food industry often have highly automated production processes, and hygiene and product safety requirements are strict. We always ensure that the staff’s actions, cleaning of tools, and moving around the factory meet the factory-specific hygiene requirements. We also manage risks that occur in the food industry, caused by various packaging gases, refrigerants needed in refrigeration chains, and flour dust, which is an explosion hazard, among other things.

In the food industry, production volumes vary according to seasons and public holidays, which affects the scheduling of preventive maintenance. With the help of our flexible resourcing and qualified staff, we are able to take this into account in work planning.

Our design services provide assistance in increasing the level of automation of production lines, or designing and constructing an entirely new production line. We take the importance of cleanliness and sanitation into account in design as well as our daily maintenance and upkeep operations, for example when choosing equipment and materials.


Valmistava-teollisuus Manufacturing industry: Predictive maintenance prevents disturbances from occurring

Reducing production costs and ensuring reliable, undisrupted production processes are two important factors in the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. With the methods of Maintpartner’s predictive maintenance, equipment and machine failures can be prevented before any disruptions occur.

Julkinen sektori Public sector: E.g. maintenance of district heating networks

Our entire range of services is also available to the public sector. We have many years of experience in servicing and maintaining municipal district heating networks and pipelines, for example.

At our customers’ facilities, we enhance our service production with the help of reporting that extends to the equipment level, among other things. We also utilize detailed reporting in predictive maintenance and the development of maintenance processes. Good and efficient maintenance allows us to influence the lifespan of equipment.