We are the frontrunner in the industry

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 DSC6531Maintpartner is the leading industrial operation and maintenance company in Northern Europe.
We are experts and together with our customers we strive for continuous improvement of productivity in a safe and sustainable way.

We are among the pioneers in shaping up the industry by optimizing the availability of technical processes in accordance with the customer strategies. We create unique value to our customers through our service solutions and efficient service delivery processes. We build a customer-specific maintenance solution with our productized services called MP Value Elements®. For a streamlined service delivery we use the MP Flow® system, which is an efficient way to manage the order-delivery process, and to plan and implement the service delivery.

We align our offering and improve our ways of working to fit the customer needs. There is no one standardized customer need, but a variety of demands. To better adhere to them, we have organized our business into segments, each corresponding to certain type of customer needs.

Responsible and ethically upstanding business practices are the foundation for our operations. The principles are described in our Code of Conduct, which is based on our values Customer focus, Reliability and Change execution. The Code is a part of our management system, Maintpartner Way.
We have proof and references of the benefits that our services and operational model can offer to our customers. We believe we have a concept for stable, profitable growth. The Maintpartner concept can be also exported to new markets.