Excellence in operation and maintenance development and technical and process expertise are in the core of Maintpartner

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Maintpartner improves productivity in the industry by providing methodologies, tools as well as technical and process expertise for operation and maintenance in a safe and sustainable way. We have developed a number of digital solutions to help our customers operate their production optimally and minimize process disruptions. In addition, our employees have high technical skills as well as expertise in improving the practices to lead operation and maintenance.

We have experts for example in the following areas:

Operational excellence, where we provide, for example, continuous development methodologies, like LEAN/Six Sigma, operation and maintenance management, project management and expertise in EHSQ to improve total productivity. Among others, we have solid background for developing preventive maintenance, dynamic maintenance and various CMMS systems.

Technical and process expertise, which covers special knowledge of defined industry segments, processes, methodologies, equipment, and product families like turbines and generators. We have strong expertise, for example, in energy, process and manufacturing industries, and mechanical, electrical and automation engineering.

Ask about our expertise from Maintpartner sales or your local contact person.

Further information: Laura Kauppinen, EVP Corporate Development, Maintpartner Group, + 358 45 264 6686