Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness through efficient maintenance at Vaasan Ltd bakeries in Finland

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Quality and speed of maintenance services as well as high production availability improved the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) at the Vaasan Ltd bakeries in Finland in 2016.

Maintpartner has taken care of the maintenance services at the Vaasan bakeries in Finland since 2010. The contract includes electrical, automation and machine maintenance at eight locations.

- Reacting on deviations and problems is Maintpartner’s strength. When something is raised up, they set to work. Cooperation and good team leaders and technicians are also typical of Maintpartner, summarizes Kari Nylander, Production Director at Vaasan Ltd.

- We have developed preventive maintenance as described in our Value Elements® concept and identified the root causes of disruptions to get objects with frequent malfunctions under control. Now we have a system that allows systematical repairing and servicing of machines and equipment, says Tommi Sankala, Service Manager at Maintpartner.

Focus has also been on efficient use of resources. Flexible resources are available in Maintpartner’s own organization, subcontracting is rarely used.

- We are familiar with the customer’s procedures and know their safety standards, which helps us secure safe operations with high quality. We offer, of course, full service through our extensive contact network regarding services that we ourselves do not provide, says Sankala.

Safety is an important part of Maintpartner’s daily work at Vaasan. We aim for continuous improvement by actively reporting near misses and by carrying out observation walks.

Vaasan Ltd is part of Lantmännen Group, which includes also e.g. the Saue manufacturing unit specialized in frozen bakery products and the bakery company Leibur AS in Estonia. Maintpartner is responsible for maintenance at both of them.

Additional information:
Maintpartner Finland, Service Manager Tommi Sankala, +358 50 564 2645