Sustainability work in the spirit of the UN Global Compact initiative

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A year ago, Maintpartner joined the UN Global Compact initiative which aims at creating a globally integrated approach for sustainability in business. In line with the principles set out in the initiative we have developed our sustainability work further in different ways.

Regarding occupational safety, we have made considerable progress over the years in preventing lost-time injuries. To reach our ultimate target, zero accidents, we are more and more focusing on preventing accidents that do not lead to any absence from work. Key measurement for this is TRI, Total Recordable Injuries, which includes also such incidents that require external medical treatment, but do not lead to absence from work. We monitor also the safety performance of our sub-contractors in more detail and according to the same principles as those concerning our own personnel.

We promote occupational health and work ability by preventive actions and active management of work ability related risks as well as by managing sickness absences. We have set clear targets for work ability management and monitor regularly their implementation. For example, in Finland we currently spend more money on preventive actions than costs induced by sick absences.

We support sustainability by building up awareness of environmental aspects within Maintpartner and among our customers, and bring up environmental improvement ideas. We pay special attention to energy efficiency related issues and utilize the improvement proposals made by our personnel by converting them into concrete actions for the benefit of our customers.

Further information:
Laura Kauppinen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Maintpartner Group, +358 45 264 6686