Study on work ability management: Systematic development work at Maintpartner

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Maintpartner Finland participated in a study on work ability management conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in 2014-2016. The study covered the years 2008 – 2013.

The work ability processes have been systematically developed at Maintpartner and they are followed all over the organization. According to the study, Maintpartner employees were somewhat more satisfied with the work ability management and the related processes and cooperation than in the average among the ten companies that participated in the study.

Work ability is part of strategy at Maintpartner and there are clear targets, which are followed regularly by the management. Measurements, reporting of results and utilization of measurements are on a good level.

The interviewed employees felt that work ability problems are attended to quickly and personnel is treated equally and fairly.

The respondents were also satisfied with the fact that personnel gets regurlarly instructions and guidance to healthy and safe work methods and support to work ability and health promotion.

The positive development has continued after the survey and the management of work ability risks has improved. The number of occupational accidents and occupational diseases was the lowest in Maintpartner’s history in 2016, and the sick leave percentage was first time less than 5 %.

At Maintpartner, the most important principle is to make preventive measures and to have good cooperation with occupational health services.

Further information:
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