Maintpartner erects the highest triple-launched roller coaster in Finland

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The latest new attraction at Särkänniemi Amusement Park in Tampere, Finland was opened to public in mid-June. The novelty is a roller coaster named “Hype” and it was erected by Maintpartner.

Hype3 kuva SarkanniemiInstalling a roller coaster rising up to 45 meters was an inspiring change to the daily work for the Maintpartner team, even for the most experienced technicians, who usually work with installations in industrial plants. Apart from technical and electrical skills, a huge amount of innovative attitude was needed. The work started in February with the erection of massive steel constructions and was finalized on schedule in June with the installation of an advanced magnetic launch system. The maximum speed of the Hype train is 100 km/h, which is created by an approximately 60 m long linear electric motor with 26 stator elements and speed sensors. The installation of the motor required a great accuracy to keep the alignments within exact tolerances.

The nearest similar roller coaster is located in Germany, which makes Hype a unique experience in all respects, both for the Maintpartner team and the numerous amusement park visitors in Tampere.

Further information:
Jani Toivonen, Service Manager, Maintpartner
tel. +358 50 454 4553
Pasi Tolppanen, CEO, Maintpartner Group
tel. +358 40 541 6656


This is how the roller coaster was constructed – see video