Good experiences at Fortum power plants after the first year of outsourced operation services

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In September 2016, Fortum transferred the operation activities of five power plants and six district heating networks in Finland and Poland to Maintpartner. The partnership model is a big entity with very close cooperation between the parties. The agreement made Maintpartner the leading company providing operation services in the Nordic countries.

- Maintpartner managed the mobilization of the services in a short space of time in an exemplary way, so that when the operation and maintenance responsibility transferred to them, all necessary systems were up and running, summarizes Ilkka Toijala, Senior Vice President, District Heating Business in Finland (in the photo). - Naturally, common practices and systems have been developed further during the past 12 month period.

Fortum is very pleased with the safety and security levels established at the power plants. It is important that the partners have common safety objectives. The availability of the facilities has also been good, which has reduced Fortum's unavailability costs.

Initially, Fortum considered various options to enhance the operations. One option was the partnership model for operation and maintenance, which proved to be the best.

Maintpartner was chosen as partner thanks to their comprehensive solution that best met Fortum's needs, and the MP INtelligence analytics tool, developed by Maintpartner, which optimizes the operation and detects potential causes for disruptions in advance.

Companies seek different benefits from partnership models to cope with the changes in the business environment. When the production plants are taken care of by a partner focusing exclusively on industrial operation and maintenance services, the customer can focus on their own core business and gain external special expertise to accelerate the development of operations and cultural change.

For Fortum, it is strategically important that operation and maintenance work impeccably. Safety, customer service, availability and security of supply must not be compromised at any time. - On the other hand, this kind of arrangement should not be entered into if cost savings are not high enough, notes Ilkka Toijala.

Naturally, at the beginning there have been some challenges, but the important thing is, that there has been a positive attitude when discussing the various issues and the practices have been agreed on in the spirit of the partnership agreement. - In this kind of partnership, trust is everything and its promotion is important, says Toijala.

Kosti Rautiainen, head of the energy business at Maintpartner, appreciates the flexibility and professionalism of the personnel throughout the change period. - I am proud of our employees’ professional mindset and how we have been able to keep the power plants and networks available when they are needed, says Rautiainen. At the same time, Maintpartner has systematically worked for occupational safety, the results of which are shown in the company's safety records, which are excellent also when compared to competitors.

Good experiences from annual maintenance shutdowns

During the summer, Maintpartner carried out comprehensive annual maintenance at Fortum's Meri-Pori, Suomenoja, Järvenpää and Joensuu power plants. The scope of services included planning, resourcing, supervision, and the actual work at the power plants.

Timely and technically the annual maintenances were successful. The work was done at a zero accident level, which is a great achievement. Maintpartner also supervised other service providers to perform their work successfully.

Maintpartner continues to invest in energy-related services also in the future. For that, the company's expertise in the operation and maintenance of CHP, condensing and hydropower plants, as well as district heating networks provides an excellent foundation.

Further information

Kosti Rautiainen, President, Energy, Maintpartner
Tel. +358 (0)50 374 8172, kosti.rautiainen [at]


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