Maintpartner strengthens project and risk management

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Industrial service company Maintpartner offers operation and maintenance services traditionally through long-term service and frame agreements. Demand for project services delivered both to contract customers and third parties is increasing, and this we want to address by further improving the tendering process for projects, monitoring of assignments and risk management.

Mirka Luostari has been appointed Group's Project Management Officer reporting directly to CEO Pasi Tolppanen. Luostari’s duties include the development of joint project and contract management processes and tools, which support all the six business lines at Maintpartner.

For customers the standardization and streamlining of activities and proactive risk management are shown as appropriate and efficient service. Potential risks in the project phase can be identified early on and can be tackled in good time. For us as a company this enables also financial stability in addition to good customer service.

Maintpartner’s management system, Maintpartner Way, has been certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 18001 and OHSAS 14001. The system includes also project and contract management procedures.

Further information:
Pasi Tolppanen, CEO, Maintpartner Group