Fingrid has chosen Maintpartner to operate and maintain their reserve power plants

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Finland's main grid company Fingrid Plc has selected Maintpartner as the provider of operation and maintenance services for their nine reserve power plants. The services cover maintenance and repair of equipment and property at the reserve power plants, test runs and operation as required, as well as general supervision.

Reserve power plants are part of the disturbance reserve of the power system in Finland, which aims to ensure that electricity is produced at any given moment as much as it is consumed. They are started if there is not enough commercial power supply available on the market, for example, in a situation where a major plant has become inoperative.

"We are proud to take care of the disturbance reserve of the Finnish power system, and grateful for Fingrid's confidence in us," says Kosti Rautiainen, head of Maintpartner's energy business. "We have over a thousand industrial professionals in Finland and the country's highest knowledge in the operation and maintenance of power plants – the expertise of our personnel and our geographic coverage ensure that we can quickly respond to disturbances and ensure the adequacy of electricity in the event of power failures as Fingrid's partner."

"The service contract was awarded as a public procurement in 2017 and we invested heavily in the procurement process. The contract model was renewed and, in addition to costs, we emphasized the quality of service. Our ambitious goal is to further improve our operational reliability, making reserve power plants more useful for electricity consumers with lower expenses,” says Sampsa Holmberg, Fingrid's power plant manager, on the goals of the contract.

The value of the three-year contract, which will be effective from 1 July 2018 onwards, is about EUR 3.3 million.

Further information

Kosti Rautiainen, President of Energy Business, Maintpartner
Tel. +358 50 374 8172, kosti.rautiainen [at]

Mika Riekkola, Sales Director, Maintpartner
Tel. +358 40 739 6607, mika.riekkola [at]


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