Should oil be cleaned? Deteriorated oil to blame for 90 percent of the damages in the hydraulic systems of machinery and equipment

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Such an invisible thing as lubricating oil is important for industrial processes. It is estimated that nine out of ten damages in hydraulic systems occur due to deterioration of the oil which, in addition to damages, may also lead to unplanned downtime in production.

Within industrial plants oil lubricates the process equipment, such as valves and switch gear. If we forget to replace and clean the oil, there may occur many problems in machinery and equipment.

Oil deteriorates in use

Wear particles from appliances and other contaminants accumulate in the oil over time. Oil suffers from condensation and aging by oxygen, temperature and catalytic substances such as metals, water and coolants. When the oil ages, resinous compounds accumulate on surfaces and cause warming and valve disorders.

Impurities get in oil via different routes. Within the process, the particles from deteriorated parts, painted surfaces and seals end up in the oil circulation. Chemical reactions involve oxidation of the lubricant and reactions with foreign substances.

External contaminants end up in oil, for example, because of missing air filters or through shaft seals and maintenance hatch in the oil container. There may be impurities even in fresh oil - or possibly wrong type of oil is used.



Regular analysis prevents uncontrolled production shutdowns

When oil quality is regularly followed, preventive service measures can be taken during a planned downtime. Field laboratory can immediately provide the first response and a more detailed analysis we receive from a qualified laboratory within a week.

The sampling shall be done professionally to avoid distorted results. The equipment must be clean and appropriate. If a test is not made correctly it can do more harm than a sample that has not been taken at all, if incorrect actions are taken on the basis of the results.

It is possible to clean oil on an operating machinery

To clean the oil during operation an electrostatic purifier is installed in the oil container by-pass. It will remove most of the contaminants and particles.

The water that has accrued in the oil over time can be removed by using a low-pressure vaporizer, which is installed in the oil container by-pass.

Cleaning reduces friction, saves energy and extends the service life of parts and oil - saves both costs and the environment.

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