Welding operations at Maintpartner Finland certified

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Maintpartner has been granted ISO 3834-2 certification for its welding operations at the Kokkola site and EN 1090 quality certificate for its operations at the Voikkaa in the city of Kouvola. The Kokkola certificate is based on a general quality control system for welding which is typically required for objects under the pressure equipment directive such as tanks and pipework. The certificate received by the Voikkaa site covers load-bearing steel structures, such as industrial base frames and platforms.

It is essential to perform welding quality assurance in advance, since quality can’t be made afterwards and, when failing, welding will undermine the safety of the end product. At Maintpartner, we have concentrated demanding welding work to the Voikkaa site which serves South-Finland and Kokkola, who takes care of northern Finland.

Certification requires that all welding-related operations from design to personnel and equipment, materials handling and storage, as well as production and its security are implemented in a systematic and proper manner. Maintpartner has a comprehensive quality manual on welding and welding instructions that have been secured by welding procedure tests.

Nondestructive testing (NDT) is performed on the welding work to the extent required by the work; they include, among others, X-ray imaging of the welding seams and ultrasonic testing. Certification is required for welding load-bearing steel structures and some pressure equipment.

"Depends on, for example, the contents, volume and temperature of the pressure equipment, whether the certificate is required,” says Timo Kautto, welding coordinator at Maintpartner. "All our welders are certified and fully qualified for demanding jobs."

"Continuous quality assurance serves our customers best when the quality and safety of end products are improved," concludes Kautto. "I feel that certification also helps us continually develop our own operations."

Maintpartner’s customers represent all industries, such as the manufacturing and chemical industry, and the energy sector, where, in addition to ordinary welding work at facilities, we are experienced in welding flood gates, for example.

Further information:
Timo Kautto, welding coordinator, Maintpartner Finland
tel. +358 (0)40 761 6493, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kari Aalto, President, Project, Installation & Engineering Services, Finland
tel. +348 (0)40 566 2127, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Maintpartner is a leading industrial operation and maintenance company in Northern Europe and the leading expert of the energy sector O&M in the Nordics. We help to improve the productivity of production facilities and minimise process disruptions. In addition, we offer flexible resources to many types of project, engineering and installation assignments. Digitalisation and our AI-based preventive solutions are becoming increasingly essential for industrial operation and maintenance.

Maintpartner Group employs approximately 1,800 people. Our net sales in 2017 amounted to some EUR 167 million. The Group has offices in Finland, Sweden, Poland and Estonia. More information at www.maintpartner.com.