Employees have a key role in the daily improvement of energy efficiency in industrial plants

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Energy efficiency requirements in industry are increasing steadily. Industrial companies seek for further savings. Besides large studies and energy audits, there are several minor options for improvement, which may require reasonably small investments, but give back a lot.

- While the spirit often is that the easiest energy-saving measures have already been taken, the maintenance department may still come up with significant energy-saving ideas. For example, regular energy audits show the measures taken and actions coming up. In these measures we can be of assistance, says Energy Efficiency Expert Matti Yliknuussi from Maintpartner.

A maintenance program is drawn up for each Maintpartner contract site. It includes development proposals related to the production process, operating methods and facility maintenance. Energy efficiency can be one of the things to consider.

There are several places in the facilities for energy saving opportunities. The maintenance staff plays a key role in detecting them. A professional knows quickly how to adjust a part of the process to operate more efficiently. Small investments are often very profitable. For example, in the process industry the production lines consume a large part of the energy and their modernization is a cost-effective way to reduce their energy consumption – while extending the service life, improving capacity and upgrading the old equipment.

Energy can also be saved by replacing worn or outdated parts to smoothen the process. Less compressor power is needed when air pipes are fixed. There is an energy saving potential of dozens of percent in pumping processes when better device and control solutions are used. It is also advisable to optimize the lighting and heating of industrial property according to the use of the premises.

When planning investments in new equipment, Maintpartner can help evaluate whether it is more profitable to buy a new machine or to upgrade the current one to a more energy-efficient condition with small changes such as new components or better adjustments.

Maintpartner also audits its own activities

- The auditing and development of our own energy efficiency is also a guarantee to our customers that our operations are as comprehensive as possible, says Laura Kauppinen, who is responsible for the HSEQ issues of the Maintpartner Group.

The latest energy audit at Maintpartner was done at the Zabrze workshop in Poland, where the main recommendation was to switch to LED technology in lighting. Attention should also be paid to insulation, energy contract optimization and reactive power compensation.


Further information:
Matti Yliknuussi, Development Manager, Productivity and Digital Solutions, Maintpartner
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Laura Kauppinen, EVP, Corporate Administration, Maintpartner
Tel. +358 45 264 6686, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Read about our commitment to energy and environment: https://www.maintpartner.com/index.php/en/about-us/sustainability/health-safety-quality-and-environmental-policies

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