What is the future direction of industrial maintenance – views of over 300 decision makers

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Ensuring the continuity of production is the most essential task of maintenance both in industry and the energy sector, revealed an independent study conducted by PwC for Maintpartner in Finland, Sweden and Poland.

The next important targets are creating a safe working environment and maximizing the life span of machines. In contrast, relatively small focus was placed on increased productivity and optimised production costs. Slight differences can be seen between the countries.

To outsource or not? Big differences between the countries and sectors

According to the survey, buying external services will increase or at least remain at the same level. Demand for project services in modernisation of facilities is growing, for example.

Of the reviewed countries, Finland has the greatest potential for outsourcing of operation or maintenance activities. Finland has a long-standing experience of outsourcing whereas in Poland the big global enterprises set an example but the local companies operate more traditionally.

The energy sector has long been ahead of others in using external partners. The manufacturing industry takes care of maintenance mostly by themselves and the process industry lies between these two. The strength in using external partners is having the opportunity to exploit the special competence of the partner. Important criteria when selecting a partner are the service level and the expertise in maintenance and safety. Sectoral expertise was considered very important in Sweden and especially in Poland.

Even though most of the actors want to keep maintenance development as a separate function, they hope proposals from their partners on improvement of, for example, machine replacements and development of operations in addition to daily maintenance. Also commitment as well as permanence and stability are expected of the partners.

Sweden a trendsetter in digital solutions, slower development in Poland

Digital solutions aim at efficiency, predictability and reliability. In average, the readiness for the introduction of digital solutions increases as the company size grows. According to the study, Sweden is more active in this regard: the most advanced predictive analytical systems in maintenance are being used or are about to be introduced somewhat more frequently in Sweden than in Finland.

For real-time condition monitoring and analytics as well as storage and visualisation of data, Finland and Sweden are fairly even. Poland is only at the beginning of digitalisation applying mainly simple solutions for data storage and visualisation.

Many of those who postpone introduction of digital solutions feel that old methods are still working well enough, or a suitable system has not been found. The availability of data and cyber security are also a cause for concern - the latter particularly in the energy sector that is important for the society and the most advanced sector in digital matters.

Maintpartner has the most satisfied customers

When comparing customers of various operation and maintenance companies, the outsourcing level is clearly highest among Maintpartner’s customers.

In Finland, Maintpartner scored the highest points of all the operators in the industry. The most satisfied customers were the major undertakings in the process industry in Finland. The study shows that Maintpartner has the best sectoral and maintenance expertise.

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The survey was conducted in August-September 2018 to support Maintpartner in its strategy process. The survey was answered by 330 decision-makers in industry and the energy sector in Finland (62% of respondents), Sweden (26%) and Poland (12%). Respondents represented company management and managerial level in production and maintenance. 20% of them were customers of Maintpartner and 45% of another operator.

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