Maintpartner involved in building a new substation for Fingrid in Finland

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Fingrid, responsible for the Finnish power transmission grid, is building a new 110 kV substation in Orimattila. Maintpartner is a subcontractor in the project. The project is part of the renewal of Finland’s oldest power transmission line between Turku and Imatra dating back to the 1920s. The new transmission line with its substations improve the long-term national emergency supply in Southern Finland.

The assignment includes installation of electrical switchgear, cabling and connections to actuators in the switchyard. In the control room, Maintpartner installs cable trays and lighting.
For Maintpartner, the work began in November by equipping the control room and will continue until April when the test procedures in the switchyard can be started. All in all, some 30 kilometres of cable will be installed. Outdoors, the cable will be installed in a 180-meter-long cable duct where a three-layer cable tray will be built first. The challenge has been the very snowy winter.

“We were discussing the need for installation resources when Maintpartner contacted us. Maintpartner is a reliable company so it was easy for us to make the choice. To agree on work-related matters and organising resources has been easy. Also the work in Orimattila has gone extremely well,” says project manager Jukka Roponen from the prime contractor TMV Service.

”There are some one hundred actuators to connect. In addition, there are close to thirty current transformers which need to be connected in a height of three metres,” describes electrician Jarno Joutsi from Maintpartner.



Photos: Jarno Joutsi activates the gate heating and gate functions.

Jarno kytkee Fingrid2019 web

Ari Pennanen from Maintpartner controls cable pulling in the switchyard.

Ari kuopassa Fingrid2019 web