How to select the best maintenance management system for your needs, and use it efficiently?

Industrial maintenance management systems (CMMS) offer numerous ways to support the plant production and maintenance management. Every system has its strengths, and a solution that is ideal for one particular plant does not best cater for another.

The threshold to change current system to another may be big – it does bring along a massive data transfer project and training needs. Therefore, it is advisable to consider first, whether the current CMMS has been utilised in the best possible way. For instance:

  • Is the system’s equipment hierarchy built so that the information on increasing failures and maintenance costs is easily available?
  • Can replacement investments be handled in a proactive manner, while also having clear financial grounds for them?
  • Is there a master user who sees to that information on maintenance needs as well as signing in completed work are done properly?
  • How high level of automation is required in work processes?
  • Does the system provide operations with required support, e.g. by ensuring that there are spare parts in the inventory for critical equipment at all times?

Moreover, if the time has come to consider implementing of a new CMMS, what kind of alternatives there are on the market, and which functionalities would be the most important at your plant? How is the implementation of the new CMMS organised and completed in the most efficient way?

The information package put together by Maintpartner’s specialists answers to these questions. Through our customer sites we have a deep understanding and practical experience of several maintenance management systems and the best ways of using them. We collected together the best functionalities and tips to enhance the use of the CMMS.

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The information package on CMMS power-use was put together by Tommi Nyrkkö, Maija Rossi and Kalle Jylhä, who all have an extensive experience of developing industrial maintenance, and Lotta Kinnunen from Maintpartner Communications.