Maintpartner installed piping at Kiilto's new chemicals discharge point in Lempäälä, Finland

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Maintpartner has installed all piping, pumps and valves for Kiilto Oy at their newest discharge point in the Lempäälä plant, where tank trucks discharge flammable chemicals into the plant's raw material tanks. The project improved the chemical safety of the plant by relocating the discharge point further away from the chemical tanks. In addition, an automatic foam extinguishing system was installed to the discharge site.

Maintpartner was in charge of the installation and welding of the new pipes. Qualified welders assembled the tank filling pipes according to the instructions of Maintpartner’s certified welding coordinator. Some of the steel structures over the tanks were prefabricated at Maintpartner's own workshop. The fitters installed the new pumps and valves to both the discharge point and between the tanks and the process. Finally, the tightness of the pipe joints was verified by a pressure test using nitrogen.

At most, a dozen professionals were involved from Maintpartner’s project, installation and engineering services, mainly from the Nokia office.

“During the construction, the plans still required refinements, which we managed in cooperation with the customer on-site,” says Esa Laine, work planner at Maintpartner.

“Maintpartner was chosen as a partner for the project because we had good experience from previous projects with them. The project included a lot of changes in an potentially explosive area, where safety and site management were the top priorities. The scheduling also played a big part because the warehouse had to serve the production throughout the project. The shortcomings of the plans were tackled in time by the contractor and quickly resolved. Maintpartner was able to respond well to changing needs in resources, and schedules were kept,” tells Vesa Juhannusvuori, Technical Manager at Kiilto Oy.

Kiilto is a hundred-year-old Finnish family-owned company that develops and manufactures chemical solutions in four different business areas: construction, industrial fastening and hygiene solutions, professional cleaning and hygiene, and consumer products. Kiilto continuously develops its sustainability: for example, the Lempäälä plant uses residual heat from glue production to heat the entire production plant and its hot water.

Additional information:

Kari Aalto, President, Project, Installation and Engineering Services, Maintpartner
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Photos: The pipe bridge where the pipes for the chemical and foam extinguishing system are installed. The discharge point is located under the grey shelter on the foreground, from which chemicals are transferred to the tanks on the background.

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New process pumps with piping through which raw material is pumped into the production process.

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