Be a true hero – a work safety hero!

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March 2016

The idea of sacrificing oneself to achieve something greater is regarded as heroic. We have all grown up seeing Hollywood movies where the hero takes enormous risks to reach his goals, and the outcome is always the same, the hero wins and he never gets hurt, not seriously anyway. Think of Indiana Jones and James Bond, for instance.

But let’s get back to the real life. We humans are social animals and throughout the history of mankind we have had two main tasks to ensure our existence, getting food and keeping our tribe safe from danger. Throughout the history we have become very good at this and actually it is the main reason why we humans still exist today.

So who were the true heroes in the past? They were the ones that focused on danger and put the safety of the group members as top priority.

Who are the true heroes of today? We humans haven’t changed that much so why not learn from the history. The heroes are the ones that protect their tribe members.

But what is a tribe today? Our family, of course, is the core of our tribe as it has always been. But tribes are larger than that. Today, a tribe consists of families, friends and colleagues. So if we want to be true heroes today, let’s continue to ensure the safety of our tribe. This should actually come easy for us as it is in our genes.

As our ancestors before us, we learn continuously to maximize the safety in hazardous environments, also at work. The difference is that today we call it safety rules and procedures. We train people in work safety, we provide them with personal safety equipment, and make improvements in working conditions to ensure safe working.

Long-term and systematic work to improve work safety brings results, as we have noted at Maintpartner. Many companies target at zero accidents. So does Maintpartner. And our high-quality safety work and our employees’ dedication to safe working methods show that we are on a good track to reach our target.

So, let’s not change this winning concept as it has taken us this far. I urge us all to be true heroes. Let’s ensure the safety of our colleagues and follow safety rules and procedures to 100%. At Maintpartner, this means that safety will continue to be the highest priority for all of us.

The writer is the CEO of Maintpartner Group.


Johan Westermarck, johan.westermarck(at)