Industrial maintenance goes digital

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Many consider digitalization to be technology. It certainly is, but technology by itself cannot accomplish much – it requires people who use the technology correctly. A major part of our business, industrial maintenance, involves leading people. Technology can be of assistance in this work.

Production facilities are offered a variety of maintenance systems that contain information on production equipment, maintenance history and spare parts management, among other things. We have very extensive experience in the advantages and disadvantages of maintenance systems, having used numerous applications and maintenance systems over the past decades. These and many similar systems offer a great deal of information, but we must also be able to process this information into practical actions, thereby making it possible to continuously improve operations.

The improvement of maintenance operations was our objective when we launched a project with the facilities provided to us by modern technology. We not only aimed to reconcile different systems and create a unified ICT environment, but we also wanted to create an entirely new concept for daily work. One of our main objectives was to find suitable and easy-to-use tools for the production of maintenance services. As a result of this project, we produced an ICT system that meets the needs of the production of modern maintenance services better than previous systems. We created the MP Flow® concept.

MP Flow is based on architecture in which several applications, such as maintenance, financial and human resources management systems, are connected to each other in real time via one channel.

Today, our MP Flow control system for field work is used by over 1,000 people in Finland, and Flow will also be deployed in Sweden over the next few weeks. With Flow, daily maintenance work is performed utilizing smart phones and systems that support them. The team leader plans and schedules the work, attaches instructions to this information and forwards it to the mechanics through Flow in an easy format and in as automated a manner as possible. The mechanics perform the work and report back what was done in the field.

Our original idea has proven to be right. We currently use an ICT system that supports uniform operating methods and a digital operational model for field work that improves the efficiency, quality and transparency of service production.

Information is transmitted promptly and in real time

MP Flow has significantly improved the use of resources and work planning. Materials transmitted in real time from the mechanics' phones to the systems and back produce versatile reports for customers as well as the company's work supervisors and other management personnel. Thanks to online monitoring, supervisors receive detailed information on key figures that are important to maintenance operations. Decisions are no longer based only on maintenance history data; instead, measures can be implemented quickly and in a targeted manner in order to improve quality and efficiency.

Customers benefit from MP Flow through the improvement of the quality and efficiency of maintenance above all. The browser-based customer portal is also a channel that customers can use to place orders, monitor the progress of the orders and view key performance indicators on their own terminal device.

In short, the MP Flow concept ensures the systematic planning and implementation of our service production as well as the monitoring of key figures in real time. The end result is services that are produced efficiently and in a transparent manner.

From thinking to doing

In industrial maintenance, innovative solutions and tools that enable modern technology help to process information into useful and productive work. We make sure that we have the right people in the right place at the right time and that they are performing correctly chosen tasks with the help of correct instructions. Innovative tools and professional personnel are an excellent combination for the production of high-quality maintenance services. If you are wondering what benefits you could gain from contract maintenance or if you require installation and expert services, please contact our experts. Let's work together to find the solution that best meets your needs.

The writers are Laura Kauppinen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Mauri Ratilainen, Director, Business Development at the Maintpartner Group.


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Laura Kauppinen, +358 (0)45 264 6686, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Maintpartner Group



Mauri Ratilainen, +358 (0)40 357 9007, Director, Business solutions, Maintpartner Group