Rules of the game

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I have with interest followed the recent events in sports, like the discussion about lip balm. A Norwegian skier raised the interest by using lip balm that is apparently suitable for many different purposes. Without going deeper in this issue I’ll say simply that the rules of the game concerning this skier most likely will be changed. Future plans may be affected also for those two Swedish top swimmers who removed the logos of their sponsors in social media publications. Both examples show that there are limits which need to be followed.

Also in business there are limits and operational models. Though a bit reversely, because in companies undergoing a heavy change the old operational models must be given up and new, modern ones taken into use. Maintpartner is a company which helps its customers to be more successful by applying state-of-the-art digital operational processes. From us this requires a strong change in the way we use the existing systems.

Also our customer companies are looking for operational capacities to be able to increase growth and profitability. By utilizing advanced methods we help our customers to reach their targets. This is why we in many respects are an excellent partner for many companies, be they big or small. Our modern and efficient systems, however, are not enough. We need staff that applies the systems in the best possible way in their daily work, and here the forward planning of the work in digital systems is of high value. To be able to work efficiently, the practices concerning own work, equipment, spare parts and possible sub-contractors need to be planned in advance. This increases the number and speed of work deliverables during days, weeks and months.

At Maintpartner, we have invested strongly in work planning which has increased our efficiency. This requires adoption of new operative models from all employees. New practices often call for unlearning the old way of working. Change and search for efficiency are, however, necessary for the production of our customers so that they would not be transferred from present locations to more cost effective countries. Our digitalized mode of operation improves the efficiency of service delivery, quality and transparency. We provide our customers with a mode of operation which improves the customers’ competitive edge and helps to retain production in the present locations.

Be it a Norwegian skier or Swedish swimmers, not to talk about Finnish cross-country skiers in the Lahti 2001 World Championships, limits and rules of the game must be followed. New and jointly agreed rules of game shall be applied also at Maintpartner. Work tasks need to be planned in advance and done efficiently so that we can take full advantage of the excellent digital tools and harmonized procedures for the benefit of our customers and ourselves.

The writer is the Country President at Maintpartner Finland and Estonia.

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