Be a true hero – a work safety hero!

March 2016

The idea of sacrificing oneself to achieve something greater is regarded as heroic. We have all grown up seeing Hollywood movies where the hero takes enormous risks to reach his goals, and the outcome is always the same, the hero wins and he never gets hurt, not seriously anyway. Think of Indiana Jones and James Bond, for instance.

But let’s get back to the real life. We humans are social animals and throughout the history of mankind we have had two main tasks to ensure our existence, getting food and keeping our tribe safe from danger. Throughout the history we have become very good at this and actually it is the main reason why we humans still exist today.

Sustainability in industrial maintenance

In recent years we have seen an increased focus on sustainability in industry. This is a healthy trend, and all of us working with industrial maintenance must ask ourselves what sustainability means for us, our employees and our customers. Sustainable development can be divided into three categories:

•Social sustainability - Building a society where basic human needs are met
•Ecological sustainability – How to economize human and material resources
•Economic sustainability - Financial growth taking environment and human health into account

Industrial maintenance goes digital

Many consider digitalization to be technology. It certainly is, but technology by itself cannot accomplish much – it requires people who use the technology correctly. A major part of our business, industrial maintenance, involves leading people. Technology can be of assistance in this work.

Production facilities are offered a variety of maintenance systems that contain information on production equipment, maintenance history and spare parts management, among other things. We have very extensive experience in the advantages and disadvantages of maintenance systems, having used numerous applications and maintenance systems over the past decades. These and many similar systems offer a great deal of information, but we must also be able to process this information into practical actions, thereby making it possible to continuously improve operations.

New era of industrial maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is often used as an example of a good operating method in predictive maintenance. High safety targets and the maximization of dispatch reliability have led to a good, systematic method of developing predictive maintenance programs. Thanks to modern technology, industrial maintenance can now also jump directly to the forefront of development.

In the early years of aviation, aircraft maintenance was primarily developed by pilots and mechanics whose work was mainly based on their own experiences. With the introduction of commercial aviation and large airliners to the market, safety and reliability requirements also increased, resulting in a need to develop maintenance programs. Fixed maintenance intervals (HT – hard time maintenance) were established for structures and equipment to restore the object of maintenance to its original condition through maintenance measures. The primary purpose of this was to maximize safety.

Should I acquire maintenance services from a business partner?

An economic operating environment and intensive competition drives companies to look for opportunities to make their operations more effective and their operating models more flexible. Companies often end up at least considering the acquisition of services not included in their core operations from their business partners. At best, the acquisition of services from a service provider that specializes in them improves the cost efficiency, operational reliably and flexibility of the company, but things do not always go this smoothly. Over the last 15 years, I have been involved in making dozens of service contracts both in the IT and maintenance industries, and to open the discussion, I want to address some factors that are essential to a successful partnership.

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