News 2009

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Jouko Latvakangas to build Maintpartner in Poland


In line with Maintpartner’s growth strategy, the Board of Directors has made a decision to start building business operations in Poland. Both the nationally- and internationally-owned industry base in Poland is wide, and there is a clear desire to boost operational efficiency. Studies conducted during the past year indicate that the opportunities in the industrial repair and maintenance services business are excellent.

To launch business operations in Poland, Jouko Latvakangas, Country Manager, Finland, will be appointed Country Manager, Poland, as of January 1, 2010. Tuomo Rönkkö, CEO, Maintpartner Group, will temporarily take over the duties of Country Manager, Finland.

Additional information:
Tuomo Rönkkö, tel. +358 50 3876 120


Maintpartner has acquired the Swedish Dusab Industriservice AB


Maintpartner has acquired the Swedish industrial maintenance services company Dusab Industriservice AB, which has sites in Malmö, Landskrona and Perstorp in southern Sweden. The company also has a calibration laboratory in Perstorp. Established in 1987, the company employs some 65 people and has net sales of about SEK 50 million.

"This acquisition significantly strengthens Maintpartner’s position in Sweden. In addition to Karlskoga, Hofors and Arboga, we now have a solid foothold also in southern Sweden’s most important industrial areas," notes Tuomo Rönkkö, CEO, Maintpartner Group. Maintpartner currently employs about 200 people at the above-mentioned sites.

Additional information:
Tuomo Rönkkö, CEO, Maintpartner Group, tel. +358 50 387 6120, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Maintpartner and Vapo sign extensive operation and maintenance service agreement


Maintpartner Oy and Vapo Oy have signed an extensive operation and maintenance service agreement. The agreement will take effect in January 2010. The agreement covers Vapo’s pellet plants in Haukineva (Peräseinäjoki), Kaskinen, Kärsämäki, Turenki, Vilppula and Ylistaro, the pellet/power plant combination plants in Haapavesi and Ilomantsi, and several heating plants in Finland. Maintpartner will also be responsible for the maintenance of Vapo’s power plants in Forssa, Sotkamo and Lieksa. With the signing of the agreement, Vapo employees at the production plants will transfer to Maintpartner. The goal of the agreement is to further improve the productivity of Vapo’s production plants by combining Vapo’s strong production know-how with Maintpartner’s operation and maintenance know-how.

"Vapo wants to focus on developing bioenergy business operations. The aim of the collaboration agreement made with Maintpartner is to improve our capacity to serve customers and to pursue operational efficiency improvements and synergy benefits. Outsourcing operation and maintenance also enables faster business growth for us. Local synergy benefits, service flexibility, and a centrally managed, uniform operating model form a platform for the continuing collaboration with Maintpartner", Pasi Koivisto, Production Director, Vapo, explains the reasoning behind the agreement.

"We are pleased that the collaboration we had initiated earlier with Vapo Timber has led to Vapo choosing us as its partner for the operation and maintenance of the production plants mentioned above", says Juha Lepikko, Deputy Managing Director, Maintpartner.

Maintpartner is also responsible for the maintenance of Vapo Timber’s sawmills in Lieksa and Hankasalmi.

Additional information:
Vapo, Pasi Koivisto, Production Director, tel. +358 40 848 6541
Maintpartner, Juha Lepikko, Deputy Managing Director, tel. +358 50 453 2035

Vapo Oy is the leading supplier of local and renewable fuels, bioelectricity,bio heat and environmental business solutions in the Baltic Sea Region. The Group has five business areas: Local Fuels, Heat and Power, Pellets, Garden and Environment, and Vapo Timber Oy. The turnover in 2008 was EUR 613.8 million. The Group had 1780 employees. The parent company Vapo Oy is owned by the Finnish State (50.1 per cent) and Suomen Energiavarat Oy (49.9 per cent). Read more:

Maintpartner Oy is the leading supplier of operation, maintenance and project services in the Nordic countries. The number of employees is about 1300 and the turnover is about EUR 115 million. The main market areas of Maintpartner are Finland and Sweden. Maintpartner is a company owned by the management and foundations administrated by CapMan. Read more:


Maintpartner to maintain L&T Recoil’s new used-oil regeneration plant


Maintpartner Oy and L&T Recoil Oy have signed an agreement on the maintenance of the used-oil regeneration plant currently under construction in Hamina, Finland. The plant will process about 60,000 tonnes of used lubricant oil per year, oil that is mainly from Finland and nearby countries. The plant is the only one of its kind in Finland. Maintpartner has been closely involved in the plant construction project, including the equipment and pipe installations. The maintenance agreement is a continuation of the construction collaboration. The mechanical maintenance agreement is effective at the beginning of June and can later be expanded to cover other maintenance sub-areas. Additionally, maintenance personnel can be used when needed to carry out mechanical modifications.

The agreement strengthens Maintpartner’s service offering in the Hamina region and gives L&T Recoil Oy the opportunity to eventually tap into Maintpartner’s safety and development re-sources as well.

Additional information:

Maintpartner Oy, Markku Simola, Vice President, Region Southeast Finland, tel. +358 50 454 6605
L&T Recoil Oy, Juha Kokko, Managing Director, tel. +358 400 137 483


Maintpartner to maintain Vapo Timber’s Hankasalmi sawmill


Vapo Timber Oy and Maintpartner Oy have signed an agreement for the maintenance of Vapo Timber’s sawmill in Hankasalmi, Finland. Maintenance responsibility and maintenance personnel will transfer to Maintpartner on 1 August 2009. Maintpartner has also been responsible for the maintenance of the Vapo Timber Kevätniemi sawmill in Lieksa, Finland, since September 2008.

"We are pleased that our performance and good collaboration in Lieksa convinced also the Hankasalmi sawmill to outsource its maintenance to us. We hope the collaboration will continue to be as productive as it has to date", says Juha Lepikko, Deputy Managing Director at Maintpartner.

"We can offer Vapo Timber the full benefit of our regional model in which we effectively utilize the special expertise and personnel resources of our sites in the Jyväskylä region. The flexible use of personnel resources in particular is mutually advantageous", says Raimo Huhtala, Vice President, Region Central Finland, Maintpartner.

"I believe the cooperation will lead to the adoption of new, efficient ways of operating and will give an added boost particularly to the development of maintenance", notes Ari Ronkainen, Director, Hankasalmi sawmill, Vapo Timber, on his expectations about the co-operation.

Additional information:
Ari Ronkainen, Director, Hankasalmi sawmill, Vapo Timber Oy, tel. +358 20 790 5560
Raimo Huhtala, Vice President, Region Central Finland, Maintpartner, tel. +358 46 851 5964

Vapo Timber Oy ranks among the largest sawmill industry companies in Europe. The company operates four sawmills in Finland: Hankasalmi, Lieksa, Nurmes and Ivalo. In 2008, Vapo Timber’s turnover was EUR 123 million and it employed 253 people. Vapo Timber is wholly owned by Vapo Oy.


Maintpartner signs agreement with Sun Chemical Oy


Maintpartner and Sun Chemical Oy, a manufacturer of printing inks, have signed a full-scope mechanical maintenance agreement. The agreement is effective as of the beginning of June and covers Sun Chemical’s factories in Espoo and Vantaa, Finland.

The agreement also includes the delivery and start-up of a maintenance system.

Sun Chemical Oy is the largest company in its sector in Finland and part of the Sun Chemical Group, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of printing inks and pigments for the graphic arts industry.

Additional information:
Martti Kautto, Vice President, Region South Finland, tel. +358 50 453 2678


Water and sewer network maintenance and operation agreement with Lidingö municipality in Sweden


Maintpartner AB and the Lidingö municipality have signed a maintenance and operation agreement on water and sewer equipment. The agreement covers e.g. the maintenance and operation of water and sewer pumping stations and pipeline system, water meter replacement, and other related services in Lidingö.

"Public utility services is an interesting and growing market. We consider this agreement a breakthrough because we have invested in long-term cooperation with customers specifically in this sector. We look forward to long and successful collaboration with the Lidingö municipality", says Karl Stavaeus, Maintpartner's Regional Manager in the Stockholm area.

Lidingö is an island located about ten kilometres from downtown Stockholm. Lidingö has about 42,700 residents.

Additional information:
Maintpartner AB, Karl Stavaeus, +46 (0)10 480 7227


Maintpartner strengthens its Nordic organisation, Tuomo Rönkkö to head Group


Maintpartner Oy is renewing its organisation to support its Nordic growth strategy. Tuomo Rönkkö has been appointed CEO of the Maintpartner Group as of 13 January 2009. He will also become a major owner of Maintpartner through Capirec Oy, a business development and service company with resources that will be utilised in the execution of Maintpartner Group’s growth strategy.

With the new organisational structure, the Finnish and Swedish business operations will be separated into their own country organisations. Maintpartner’s current CEO, Jouko Latvakangas, will continue as Managing Director of Maintpartner Finland, and Roger Sundemo as Managing Director of Maintpartner Sweden. They both report to Tuomo Rönkkö.

Maintpartner separated as an independent company from Fortum Service in November 2006. Since then, it has implemented eight corporate acquisitions in Finland and Sweden and has also significantly expanded its operations through multiple new maintenance agreements.

"The company’s strategic goal is to continue its profitable growth, develop its operations and ensure high-quality customer service. Tuomo Rönkkö brings to the company strong experience in implementing and managing the strategic growth projects of a Nordic company. At the same time, the new structure makes it possible to fully tap into the valuable experience and resources of Jouko Latvakangas and Roger Sundemo to benefit our customers", says Esko Mäkeläinen, Chairman of Maintpartner’s Board.

"The trend of outsourcing maintenance continues to grow briskly in the Nordic countries. With strong, independent country organisations and Maintpartner’s competent personnel, we can grow Maintpartner into a significant player in the maintenance services market", says Tuomo Rönkkö.

"There are considerable country-specific differences in maintenance demand and in service expectations. As the size of the company grows, we are able to offer our customers more diverse, high-quality services by focusing on the development of our country-specific service offering", note Jouko Latvakangas and Roger Sundemo.

Additional information:
Esko Mäkeläinen, Chairman of the Board, tel. +358 50 564 0367
Tuomo Rönkkö, CEO starting January 13, 2009, tel. +358 50 387 6120
Jouko Latvakangas, Managing Director, Maintpartner Finland, tel. +358 50 453 2760
Roger Sundemo, Managing Director, Maintpartner Sweden, tel. + 46 70 181 66 15

Maintpartner is a leading provider of industrial maintenance and project services in the Nordic countries. It employs over 1300 people and its net sales are about EUR 130 million. Maintpartner’s main market areas are Finland and Sweden. Maintpartner is owned by the private equity investor CapMan and by management. Read more at

Capirec Oy is a company made up of experienced business managers whose expertise is used as needed. Capirec will help the company with its growth and internationalization, especially in the areas of strategy process, personnel development, corporate acquisitions, legal affairs and brand management.

Tuomo Rönkkö (53) was previously CEO of Eltel Group Oy, Andritz-Ahlstrom Oy and Ahlstrom Machinery Oy, among others.

Jouko Latvakangas (52) has been CEO of Maintpartner Oy since the establishment of the company; prior to that, he worked in various managerial capacities at Fortum Service and Imatran Voima Oy.

Roger Sundemo (51) has been Managing Director of Maintpartner AB since the establishment of the company. Before that, he held managerial positions at Fortum Service and, among other things, was the Managing Director of Borås Energi.