News 2012

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Maintpartner enters into contract with a Polish helicopter manufacturer


Maintpartner ASI and the Polish helicopter manufacturer PZL-Świdnik have signed a contract concerning maintenance of production machinery and real estate, including spare parts and subcontracting.
The contract extends over more than five years and is the single largest contract made by Maintpartner ASI in Poland.

PZL-Świdnik has some 3,500 employees and is based close to the city of Lublin. PZL- Świdnik is part of the Italian AgustaWestland group.

Further information:
Grzegorz Siodłowski, Maintpartner Poland, +48 663 486 217
Jouko Latvakangas, Maintpartner Group, +358 50 453 2760

Maintpartner is a Nordic supplier of industrial maintenance and operation services. We are experts in maintaining availability of technical processes in the industry and the public sector, helping our customers to focus on their core business. Our ambition is to be the forerunner of the industry and the leading technical service company in the Baltic Sea region.
Maintpartner Group employs some 1,750 people, and has net sales of approximately EUR 150 million a year. The Group has offices in Finland, Sweden, Poland and Estonia. Maintpartner Group is owned by the management and funds administered by CapMan. More information at

Maintpartner employs in Poland approximately 250 people, and has net sales of approximately PLN 35 million a year. More information at
PZL-Świdnik is Poland's only helicopter company with the capability to design, develop and manufacture its own helicopters. It has its own Research and Development Centre and with 3,500 employees is also the biggest aerospace manufacturer in Poland. PZL- Świdnik has been part of the AgustaWestland group since 2010. More information at

Orion enhances its maintenance by entering co-operation with Maintpartner


Maintpartner Oy has signed a new contract on maintenance services with the pharmaceutical company Orion Oy on October 4, 2012.
This long-term service contract is valid from 1 November 2012 and applies to Orion Oy's Espoo production facilities.


Maintpartner buys Öhbergs Pumpservice AB in Sweden


Maintpartner has acquired Öhbergs Pumpservice AB based in Huddinge, Sweden.
The company employs some 15 people and has a turnover of SEK 35 million.
Öhbergs Pumpservice AB has extensive experience in pump renovation, preventive maintenance as well as installation of pumps and pumping stations.
The acquisition is in line with Maintpartner's ambition to grow within industrial maintenance business and strengthens the company's expert service offerings in Sweden.

Additional information:
Peter Revay, Country Manager, Maintpartner Sweden, +46 (0) 10 480 7277
Anders Mötsch, Area Manager, East, Maintpartner Sweden, +46 (0) 10 480 71 11
Bo Svensk, Managing Director, Öhbergs Pump Service AB, +46 (0)703 47 26 67


Maintpartner launched Estonian website


In accordance with its growth strategy, Maintpartner has expanded to Estonia.
Along with the startup of operations, also the Estonian website has been opened.
Welcome to visit us at

Additional information:
Maintpartner OÜ, Rein Posti, +372 535 44298
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Maintpartner strengthens Group management


Maintpartner has systematic strategy to grow profitably, to develop as a role model in the industry and to expand internationally. We have successfully executed that path. In order to continue the good development and to secure our own and our customers' competitiveness and success also during the coming years we will strengthen the Maintpartner Group Management Team.

The following Group management team changes are made from 10.9.2012 onwards:

Johan Westermarck will, besides his position as Maintpartner Group CEO, continue as acting country manager for Finland and Peter Revay continues as country manager for Sweden.

In Poland we are ready to give the lead to local hands: Grzegorz Siodlowski takes the position as country manager there.

Jouko Latvakangas will continue in a senior advisory role in Maintpartner Group.

Tommi Kajasoja will focus on expert services and to the start up our Estonian operations.

Tero Jussila will continue as Group CFO and Laura Kauppinen as leading corporate development.

Juha Lepikko has been nominated to take the responsibility of group sales and business development, Otto Tarkiainen of group service offerings development and materials management, and Jukka Kallioniemi of group business controlling.

Harri Hassel will continue to support in M&A in a senior advisory role. All new Maintpartner Group Management Team members have Maintpartner background.

For more information:
Johan Westermarck, Group CEO, tel +358 50 339 7972


Rein Posti appointed as Technical Manager to Maintpartner in Estonia


Rein Posti, 44 years, has been appointed as Technical Manager to Maintpartner OÜ in Estonia from 3.9.2012. He is responsible of managing Maintpartner's sales and operations in Tallinn region. He has strong background in maintenance business, for example, from his previous employment at ABB.

For more information please contact:
Tommi Kajasoja, Maintpartner Group, +358 46 851 5963
Rein Posti, Maintpartner Estonia, +372 53 544 298


Maintpartner and VAASAN extend their co-operation: Maintpartner expands the maintenance operations to Estonia


Maintpartner and VAASAN Group have signed an agreement regarding the outsourced maintenance of VAASAN production facility in Estonia. Agreement covers VAASAN's new site at Saue close to Tallinn. The ramp up of the maintenance starts 1.9.2012.

"This agreement extends Maintpartner's and VAASAN's partnership from Finland and Sweden to Estonia. This provides an excellent opportunity to copy already developed practices from existing sites to a new site" says Lenita Ingelin from VAASAN.

For Maintpartner this gives a foothold to Estonia according to Maintpartner's Baltic Sea expansion strategy. Maintpartner will operate in Estonia with a name Maintpartner OU. Tommi Kajasoja, Head of Maintpartner Group Business Development, will take the responsibility for starting up the operations there. "This agreement is a good example of Maintpartner's growth strategy where we expand our operations to new countries with existing customers. Now when we have a presence in Estonia, we will start active marketing to get a stronger position and ability to provide extensive customer service there", says Tommi Kajasoja from Maintpartner.

For more information please contact:
Tommi Kajasoja, Maintpartner Group, +358 46 851 5963
Lenita Ingelin, VAASAN Group, +358 40 589 1401

Maintpartner Group is one of the leading suppliers of industrial maintenance and operation services in the Baltic Sea area. Maintpartner has some 1,750 personnel, and its turnover is approximately €150 million a year. Maintpartner Group is owned by CapMan-managed funds and the corporate management.
The VAASAN Group is an international forerunner in the baking industry. It is the leading bakery company in Finland and the Baltic region. The Group is also the largest thin crisp and second-largest crispbread producer in the world, and a leading Nordic operator in bake-off products. In 2011 the Group's net sales was approximately EUR 408 million. The Group employs some 2,730 people in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Norway.


Cupori enhances its maintenance by entering co-operation with Maintpartner and Insta


Maintpartner Oy and Insta Automation Oy have signed a new, long-term contract on maintenance services with Cupori Oy. The contract, valid from 4 June 2012, applies to Cupori Oy's Pori production facilities, where the partners mentioned above have been chosen to take care of the maintenance of the production equipment.

‘We want to ensure the availability of high-quality and flexible maintenance expertise at our production facilities in Pori by selecting two top experts in the field to be our partners,' Cupori Oy CEO Harri Mantila says of the origin of the co-operation contract.

‘The contract is an important step for Maintpartner as we expand in Pori and other areas in Satakunta. It further enhances our ability to offer the clients in the region both daily maintenance and expert services in a flexible and cost-efficient manner,' says the Deputy Managing Director of Maintpartner Oy, Juha Lepikko.

Timo Lehtinen, CEO of Insta Automation, adds: ‘The significance of electrical automation also in ensuring the profitability of maintenance is continually increasing. This contract proves that Insta's strategic strength as a full-service supplier of electrical automation provides our customers and our co-operation partners with added value.'

The supply of Maintpartner Oy covers all maintenance services for production facilities and the services designed for improving the profitability of production processes. With a special focus on electrical automation, Insta Automation Oy is a leading supplier of industrial and process automation in Finland.

Further information:
Harri Mantila, CEO of Cupori Oy: +358 50 3100 104
Juha Lepikko, Deputy Managing Director at Maintpartner Oy: +358 50 453 2035
Timo Lehtinen, 040 779 9414 / CEO, Insta Automation Oy

Cupori Oy is a part of Cupori Group Oy, a leading supplier of copper heating and plumbing installation pipes in the Nordic region, and one of the largest suppliers of industrial pipes in Europe. The operations are based on response to customer needs; flexibility; and innovation in developing new products, solutions, and services. The company has a turnover of approximately €170 million a year and employs approximately 270 personnel.

Maintpartner Oy is part of Maintpartner Group, which is one of the leading suppliers of industrial maintenance and operation services in the Baltic Sea area. Maintpartner Oy has over 1,200 personnel, and its turnover is approximately €120 million a year. Maintpartner Group is owned by CapMan-managed funds and the corporate management.

Insta Group Oy is a growing and internationalising high-technology group whose fields of business include industrial automation (Insta Automation Oy) and defence and security technology (Insta DefSec Oy). The annual turnover of the group is approximately €80 million, and there are 700 employees. The group has offices in Tampere, Vantaa, Helsinki, Muurame, Oulu, Pori, Porvoo, Harjavalta, and Varkaus.

Maintpartner buys Lumek AB in Sweden


Maintpartner Sweden has acquired the Swedish company Lumek AB.
Lumek is specialized in industrial maintenance with emphasis on repairs, maintenance work as well as welding and metal working.
The company is based in Landskrona and employs some 20 people.
The acquisition is in line with Maintpartner's ambition to grow within industrial maintenance business and an important step for the company to strengthen its position in South Sweden.
Maintpartner has operations in several locations in Central and South Sweden.

Additional information:
Peter Revay, Country Manager & Managing Director, Maintpartner AB, +46 (0) 10 480 7277
Martin Johansson, Area Manager, Maintpartner AB, +46 (0) 10 480 73 85
Bengt Jönsson, Managing Director, Lumek AB, +46 (0) 708 656 690

Maintpartner AB is part of Maintpartner Group, a Nordic supplier of industrial maintenance and operation services. Maintpartners ambition is to be the leading technical service company in the Baltic Sea region. The number of personnel is approx. 1750 persons and annual net sales some 150 million euros. Maintpartner Group is owned by the management and funds administrated by CapMan.


Johan Westermarck as President and CEO of Maintpartner Group


Johan Westermarck has been nominated as President and CEO of Maintpartner Group from 1.6.2012. He also continues as acting Country Manager for Maintpartner Finland. Tuomo Rönkkö will stay as the Chairman of the Board of Maintpartner Group.

Johan Westermarck has worked in Maintpartner in various positions. As stated by Tuomo Rönkkö: "I have been very pleased with his solid performance in Maintpartner. I feel comfortable to leave the Maintpartner Group CEO position for to him."

Johan Westermarck has the ambition to further develop the company. As he says: "There are opportunities for the future development, to take Maintpartner to the next level as an industrial service company, the real role model of the industry."

For more information: Tuomo Rönkkö +358 50 3876 120


Maintpartner group review and outlook for the future


Maintpartner is the expert in maintaining availability of production in industry and in public sector technical processes, helping our customers to focus on their core business. In executing that mission our ambition is clear - to be the role model of the industry and to grow profitably within Baltic Sea region.

Despite the turbulent market during 2011, we can be satisfied with the execution of our strategy. Our net sales grew 20% and profitability of continued operations improved. In Finland we have grown significantly while keeping the performance solid. In Sweden we have turned our operations to perform steadily and the outlook for growth is promising. We have also established a very successful footprint in Poland with great future potential.

Investments in company development have enabled much of the improvements. We have crystallized Maintpartner concept and introduced a new Maintpartner brand. Service cornerstones are in delivering tailored industrial service solutions for each customer individually with true reliability and master class change execution. To fit that concept we also expanded into expert services through which we can provide more added value to our customers. Simultaneously, we have developed our Maintpartner Way to ensure the delivery of services efficiently with high quality standards and constant improvement from our regional HUB structure. Maintpartner Way is certified according to quality ISO 9001, environmental ISO 14001 and health & safety OHSAS 18001 standards.

Outlook for the future is promising. We have been recognized as one of the key players in the field of industrial maintenance services. Maintenance outsourcing and externally supplied services are still in a relatively low level in the industry. We believe that with our clear concept we can prove our credibility and professionalism to the customers and continue our profitable growth.

Your business. Our focus.

Group CEO
Tuomo Rönkkö


Maintpartner strengthens expert services development


Maintpartner acquired the majority of Teollisuuden KPP Oy shares last autumn. Now Maintpartner Group Oy has signed an agreement with Teollisuuden KPP Oy to purchase the rest of the shares of KPP. With this purchase agreement the name of Teollisuuden KPP Oy will be changed as Maintpartner Expert Services Oy.
This will strengthen Maintpartner's growth strategy on expert services as well as the recently published Expert Services sub brand.

Further information:
Tommi Kajasoja, Head of Business Development & Expert Services, Maintpartner Group, tel. +358 46 851 5963
Johan Westermarck, Country President, Maintpartner Finland, tel. +358 50 3397972


What are Maintpartner Expert Services?


Last year Maintpartner made a strategic decision to actively start to fulfill service portfolio with expert services. According to strategy, Maintpartner has taken the steps in that path. In Finland Maintpartner made an acquisition and bought a majority of the shares of a company Teollisuuden KPP Oy. In Poland Maintpartner established a centralized expert services business unit, and in Sweden started expert services in selected service segments.

Expert services are typically technically more challenging than routine daily maintenance tasks and they are required regularly but seldom. Often expert services tasks require special competence or even certificates. They can be stand-alone specialist services for certain defined technical sector, or projects and solutions aiming at improving the total productivity. Expert services jobs can, for example, be equipment and production machine inspections based on authority requirements, measuring equipment calibrations and other overhaul services such as machine tool, valves or hydraulics maintenance.

To maintain this kind of special competence is seldom feasible or cost efficient in customer's own organization. With well-defined products Maintpartner is able to offer clear expert services packages to customers. Maintpartner can deliver the expert services cost efficiently by using one stop shop principle and by utilizing the local HUB structure.