News 2014

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Maintpartner Code of Conduct has been published


Maintpartner has introduced its Code of Conduct which concerns all Maintpartner Group companies and their employees. The Code is a part of the Maintpartner Way management system.

Maintpartner's Code of Conduct is based on our values Customer focus, Reliability and Change Execution. The Code focuses on the following topics: keeping promises, showing respect, professional backbone, clear communication and ethical integrity.

Read more about the Code here.


Itella and Maintpartner enter into a cooperation agreement in Finland


Itella Posti Oy, the Finnish company offering postal, logistics and E-commerce services, and Maintpartner Finland have signed a maintenance contract extending over several years. It concerns the postal centers in Helsinki, Tampere, Kuopio, Oulu, Turku and Seinäjoki as well as the logistics center in Vantaa. In the agreement are included maintenance services and spare parts management for letter sorting machines, parcel and bundle conveyor systems as well as the warehousing system for boxes.

Maintenance responsibility is transferred to Maintpartner on 1 January 2015.

Further information:

Mika Riekkola, +358 40 739 6607, Sales Director, Maintpartner Finland


Changes in Maintpartner Group organization


Otto Tarkiainen will take the responsibility for Group Marketing & Sales combined with Value Elements and Offerings development as from 1 October, 2014.

Tommi Kajasoja, VP Marketing & Sales, is leaving Maintpartner in October.

Further information:
CEO Johan Westermarck

A new era has started in industrial maintenance – Maintpartner leads the way


- Bringing industrial maintenance to a new level by digitalized mode of operations makes service production more transparent and efficient, says Maintpartner's sales and marketing head Tommi Kajasoja.

Maintpartner has launched fully productized service offerings called MP Value Elements, and a digitalized MP Flow field operations management system.

Listen to what kind benefits MP Value Elements and MP Flow provide – open video here.


EuroMaintenance 2014 a success for Maintpartner


Maintpartner's exhibition stand was very well attended on all three days of the international EuroMaintenance 2014 Expo in Helsinki, Finland, on 6-8 May.

Main attractions were the online presentation of Maintpartner's new operating procedure in the field work, the Flow IT, and the renewed Value Elements services. The visitors got a good view of the change Maintpartner is introducing to industrial maintenance and what the tools and processes behind the change are.

- EuroMaintenance provided a good platform to present our expertise in industrial maintenance to a wide international audience. We are very satisfied by the interest shown to us at the event, says Tommi Kajasoja, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the Maintpartner Group.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the prize draw at the Expo:

The lucky winner of the Samsung Galaxy Note tablet is Mr Petteri Malin and the Samsung smartphones go to Mr Janne Haltamo and Mr Jari Saarimaa.

Winners of other prizes will be notified personally by Friday, 16 May 2014.

Congratulations to the lucky winners and thank you to all those who visited our stand and helped to make the event such a success!

Further information:
Tommi Kajasoja, +358 (0)46 851 5963


Maintpartner at international EuroMaintenance event in Helsinki, Finland


EuroMaintenance 2014, an international maintenance event for professionals will be held in Helsinki, Finland in May. The 22nd edition of this biennial event organized in rotating locations in Europe consists of a summit congress on May 5-7 and a trade fair on May 6-8. Core themes of EuroMaintenance this year include competitive advantage through maintenance and asset management. The congress and trade fair are expected to attract a multitude of influential decision makers and professionals of industrial and technical maintenance.

Maintpartner is one of the main partners of the event. During the trade fair Maintpartner presents its renewed services called the Value Elements and a new operating procedure in the field work called Flow IT.

Meet us at our stand 6H79 to hear how Maintpartner changes industrial maintenance and find out what the tools and processes behind the change are.

Read more about the EuroMaintenance event at

Further information:
Tommi Kajasoja, +358 (0)46 851 5963


Teppo Talvinko appointed as new CFO for Maintpartner Group


Maintpartner Group strengthens its finance function. Mr Teppo Talvinko has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer for Maintpartner Group and a member of the Group Management Team as of 19 May, 2014.

Teppo has wide experience of various managerial positions in finance. During his career he has been working in Finnish and international businesses, private equity and publicly listed companies both in service and industrial fields. He joins Maintpartner from CFO position at Ixonos.

- Maintpartner has a clear strategy on profitable growth. To enable this, we need strong business controlling to support the operations as well as high professionalism to manage finance requirements. We are happy to get Teppo to our team to strengthen the finance function, says Johan Westermarck, CEO, Maintpartner Group.

Further information:
Johan Westermarck, CEO, Maintpartner Group, +358 50 339 7972


Maintpartner sells its laboratory and environmental services in Finland to Eurofins Scientific


Maintpartner Finland sells its laboratory and environmental services to Eurofins Scientific Finland Oy.

The laboratory employs 27 staff and is located in the Kokkola Industrial Zone. The laboratory provides services to both private and public sector clients.

Eurofins Scientific is the world leader in food and environment testing services.

Further information:

Markku Simola, President, Maintpartner Finland, +358(0)50 454 6605


Maintpartner Value Element Maintenance Audit brings clarity to maintenance management


Operative models and milestones for production and maintenance are built up over the years. Changes in society and subsequent need of efficiency improvement in production demand efficiency also from maintenance operations. It may, however, be difficult to identify the key maintenance development activities that have the best impact on productivity improvement targets.

Maintenance audit executed by Maintpartner provides a clear and measured view of the current status of maintenance operations and identifies key development areas and potential. In addition, we benchmark the audit results to other sites in same and different industries.

Maintenance audit is conducted by Maintpartner's maintenance specialists who apply a standardized audit form. The audit is based on interviews and analysis of the available maintenance data.

Maintenance audit includes the following sections:
- main targets and challenges for production and maintenance
- metering, reporting and resourcing
- order-delivery process, planned maintenance, operative activities and failure repair
- spare parts and materials, procurement
- safety, quality and environment, IT systems
- maintenance costs

Maintpartner has carried out maintenance audits in various industries, leading to clear decision and actions plans. Maintpartner's Maintenance audit is a productized Value Elements service, which can be ordered as a separate service or it can be part of a larger maintenance package delivered by Maintpartner.

Additional information:
Heikki Iitti, tel. +358 40 869 1090


Organizational changes in Maintpartner Group as from 1 February 2014


Maintpartner has systematically worked to develop productized services called Value Elements and efficient service processes called Flow.

In order to boost the Value Elements realization Otto Tarkiainen will take the responsibility of the offerings process from development to implementation. He will lead Maintpartner offerings, maintenance development and integrations in Maintpartner Group. Juha Lepikko will focus on marketing, sales, offerings and integrations in Finland and Estonia as deputy Managing Director of Maintpartner Oy.
To ensure the systematic continuity of Flow, Maintpartner group IT has been strengthened and Mauri Ratilainen has been nominated as Director, Business Solutions reporting to Laura Kauppinen. Group materials management is included in the responsibility area of Jukka Kallioniemi.

Estonian country unit is transferred into Finnish country organization under the responsibility of Business Unit Director Markku Leinonen.

For more information:
Johan Westermarck, +358 50 339 7972

Increased cost-efficiency with Maintpartner's Value Elements


- We have renewed our supply with new types of service products, called Value Elements, tells Otto Tarkiainen, Vice President, Service Offerings and Procurement of Maintpartner Group.

The productized Value Elements services are available within the most important fields of maintenance, operation and development, including, for example, services for preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance as well services developed especially for reliability engineering.

Each service is described in detail so that the customers get a good view of what the service consists of, what the pricing principles and the customer benefits are.
- We produce the services cost efficiently and the value added for the customer is verifiable and measurable, which makes the maintenance cost structure more transparent, says Tarkiainen.

Customers can select from the Value Elements the services that best suit them, either a single product or an entity consisting of several services. To an entity built of modules new services can easily be added later on.
-The first maintenance and operation service contracts consisting entirely of these service products have already been signed with excellent customer feedback, says Tarkiainen.

Further information:

OttoTarkiainen, Vice President, Service Offerings and Procurement, Maintpartner Group, +35840 176 3112

Tommi Kajasoja, VP Sales & Marketing, Maintpartner Group, +358 46 851 5963