News 2015

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Maintpartner strengthens Business Area based mode of operation in Group


In order to improve our strategy implementation further, we will strengthen the mode of operation which is based on two Business Areas: Service Agreements and Projects & Specialist Services. We have previously applied a similar division at country level with good experiences. In the two Business Areas both customer needs and our internal management focus are different.

At Country level, all businesses will be managed under Business Units Service Agreements and Projects & Specialist Services, which from Group level are supported by the respective Business Areas.

In Group Management, the Business Area Directors will be Otto Tarkiainen for the Service Agreements and Jukka Kallioniemi for the Projects & Specialist Services.

Tarkiainen has previously been EVP, Business Development in the Group whereas Kallioniemi has held the positions of Director, Procurement & Service Director, Contract Maintenance, Big Sites segment at Maintpartner Finland.

The operative responsibility remains with the existing country organizations. As Country Presidents continue Markku Simola, Finland and Estonia, Peter Jonsson, Sweden, and Dariusz Kowalczyk Poland.

The new Business Area based management model will take effect on 1 January 2016.

Further information: Johan Westermarck, CEO

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


Instead of Christmas presents we have this year made a donation to the foundation ‘Tukikummit’ that supports young people at risk of exclusion.


Maintpartner elected as safe company by customer’s employees


During the autumn Maintpartner participated in a major annual shutdown at Yara AB in Köping, Sweden. Yara takes work safety most seriously and thanks all suppliers who worked with maintenance services and projects for a well and safely performed work.

In a follow-up meeting after the shutdown, the personnel at Yara elected two companies who had qualified excellently in respecting Yara’s work safety requirements. Maintpartner was one of them. This indicates that Maintpartner’s own systematic efforts regarding promotion of work safety are paying off.

Further information:

Bengt Thimrén, Team Leader, Maintpartner Sweden, +46 70 693 49 83


Maintpartner and Fortum work together on refurbishment of thermal power station in Sweden


The Swedish power company Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö refurbishes its biofuel-driven thermal power station. The aim is to secure supply of district heating for the next 20 years and to reduce NOx emissions by 5 - 10 per cent. The project is estimated to be finished in September 2016.

The refurbishment covers several technologies: combustion technology, electricity, automation, as well as burner, machinery and building technology. Items to be replaced are for example start-up burners, fluidized bed cyclones and the ash removal system.

- The solid technical competence of Fortum Power Solutions and Maintpartner’s unique skills in industrial maintenance are a strong combination, says Martti Kautto, who at Maintpartner is responsible for thermal power plants.

During the past year Maintpartner has signed several deals and projects concerning thermal power plants.

- I am delighted to see that Maintpartner has distinguished itself as a leading supplier of maintenance services for thermal power plants, says Peter Jonsson, Country President at Maintpartner Sweden.

Further information:

Peter Jonsson, Country President, Maintpartner Sweden, +46 70 864 26 45


Considerable savings through real estate maintenance for Moventas


The key to considerable savings during the past year has been the optimization of energy usage. The consumption of district heating has decreased by 25% on annual level.

- The savings in energy consumption are the sum of many things. We have primarily serviced the equipment and optimized temperatures. Small changes have a big total effect, says Maintpartner’s property maintenance technician Viljami Makkonen, who is responsible for the real estate maintenance services at the Moventas factories.

The company Moventas Gear Oy manufactures wind gear boxes at its two factories in Jyväskylä, Finland. Maintpartner is responsible for the real estate maintenance of the Rautpohja and Keljo factories with a crew of two people, a property maintenance technician and an electrician.

- Real estate maintenance includes all technics inside a building, heating, cooling, water, air and electricity. At Moventas we take care of both maintenance and repairs ourselves, says Makkonen.

At the beginning of the contract period a preventive maintenance program was drawn up. Equipment and devices in the buildings are maintained and serviced in accordance with the plan. At first, every item was serviced and adjusted. For example, at the Rautpohja factory heat recovery discs were replaced and at Keljo, a large-scale refurbishment of the building automation system was carried out in the summer of 2015.

During the refurbishment, improvements were made to the system.

- I believe that the winter season will show the effect of the improvements even better. After the first service period and the refurbishment in the summer the situation has been stabilized and we have more time for fine tuning the system, says Makkonen.

At the factories, Makkonen is responsible for four heat distribution rooms where the temperature adjustments are made and energy consumption is monitored.

- Maintpartner has taken care of our real estate maintenance for over a year during which time we’ve made substantial savings. Big thanks of this goes to the competent and multi-skilled technician Makkonen, says Jani Hänninen, Maintenance and Real Estate Manager at Moventas.

Further information:

Jani Hänninen, Maintenance and Real Estate Manager,  Moventas, +358 46 876 2031

Marko Kolehmainen, Service Manager, Maintpartner Finland, +358 400 172 454


Sustainability in industrial maintenance


In recent years we have seen an increased focus on sustainability in industry. This is a healthy trend, and all of us working with industrial maintenance must ask ourselves what sustainability means for us, our employees and our customers.

Read the blog written by Peter Jonsson, Country President at Maintpartner Sweden


Preventive maintenance improves reliability and availability


A carefully designed preventive maintenance program improves total productivity. Scheduled maintenance adds to availability and decreases failure-related costs. Also predictability of maintenance costs is improved.

Thorough and cross-cutting examination of machines and equipment is required before a program for preventive maintenance is ready to be launched. This is a known fact to Development Engineer Antti Kilpiö, who designs preventive maintenance programs and develops the preventive maintenance process at Maintpartner.

- When we agree on a maintenance contract with a new customer, we usually talk about a large machine stock and do not know exactly the condition of the machinery. First we find out what the problems are that the customer wants to be solved; does the system run too often to failure or is the production efficiency not at the desired level. Then we study the present state of the machinery and consider various solutions to draw up a preventive maintenance program, Kilpiö describes.

If a preventive maintenance program already exists, it can be utilized, but very often a totally new program is designed applying reliability centered maintenance. First, the item to be studied is chosen, a system or a part of a system, followed by a qualitative analysis of the component faults; what kind of faults appear, why and what are the consequences.

- To find out the quality of the faults we apply failure mode and effect analysis, root cause analysis, fault tree analysis and study the equipment history in the maintenance management system. Statistical tools and methods provide information on the rate of occurrence of failures, what is has been and what it is now, and indicate a solution for maintenance strategy to eliminate the faults. The choice is made between inspections, continuous condition monitoring and calendar time directed component replacement, Kilpiö says.

Very often failures in production processes are caused by external factors and not by steady loading. An external factor can, for example, be a change in the use of the process or in raw materials, for which the machinery is not designed. If the availability of the system cannot be improved by replacing a component before it runs to failure, preventive maintenance is taken care of through inspections.

- If the fault rate is rising, it is well grounded to apply component replacement strategy. The replacement is planned jointly with the production staff and the customer to avoid disturbing the production, Kilpiö says.

In order to follow the preventive maintenance program as planned, also the stock items must be kept up-to-date to secure that necessary spare parts are available.

- When the program is finalized and ready to be launched, it is installed as part of the maintenance management system. We arrange training in use of the program for the customer, monitor the implementation and develop the program based on user experiences.

Preventive maintenance has a significant role at Maintpartner's maintenance contract sites, where Maintpartner's local maintenance organization takes care of the daily preventive maintenance actions. Maintpartner's Installation and Expert Services segment is responsible for major repairs and life cycle updates concerning service life and the upkeep of process reliability. Installation and Expert Services also provide flexible resources to ensure the availability of maintenance services in the local organizations.

Further information:
Antti Kilpiö, Development Engineer, Maintpartner Oy, +358 40 866 8012
Mika Riekkola, Director, Sales and Marketing, Maintpartner Oy, +358 40 739 6607


There are no grey areas in occupational safety


Work in chemical industry that has a strict view on occupational safety has formed Maintpartner's personnel at HUB Oulu in Finland to be very sensitive in respect to safety issues.

Work permit practices, risk assessments and hazard evaluations are part of daily work duties. Also cooperation with the customer is tight to ensure safe working. At HUB Oulu everyone has the right and obligation to intervene in issues that might compromise safety.

- Our commitment to occupational safety is unconditional. We do not tolerate grey areas or any kind of infringements. We understand that each day without accidents must be earned, says Hannu Leskelä, Service Manager at HUB Oulu.

- We have a good atmosphere, and the most important thing in my opinion is that everyone truly cares about the well-being and safety, both one's own and that of others, Leskelä says.

Long-term work in the Group

At Maintpartner, safety has always been a central issue. Statistics show the professional and committed attitude towards occupational safety. There are teams in the company with over 2000, some close to 3000 days without accidents. Measured in years that is 7-8 years.
- Long-term and systematic work has helped us to improve safety culture. Our aim is zero accidents. Even though there is still way to go, the results indicate that it is possible, says Laura Kauppinen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development at Maintpartner Group.
- The strong basic pillar of our safety work is the management system Maintpartner Way, which is applied through Maintpartner countries. We follow procedures for systematic risk assessments, permission practices, observation walks, reporting and investigation of near misses and accidents, and comply with safety instructions,Kauppinen continues.

Preventive measures
At Maintpartner we attach a great deal of importance to near miss cases and learning from them. Near miss cases are registered into Maintpartner's electronic EHSQ system, they are investigated and corrective actions are defined and implemented.
- We have clearly seen that when the number of reported near miss cases increases, the number of accidents decreases. Also, the higher the number of different persons reporting near miss cases, the quicker accidents decrease, says Saija Pottala, EHSQ Manager at Maintpartner Group.

Monthly observation walks by managers are another factor contributing to increased safety. Hazards and deficiencies noticed during the walk are reported as near miss cases, followed by appropriate corrective actions.

Further information:
Laura Kauppinen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Maintpartner Group, +358 (0)45 264 6686
Saija Pottala, EHSQ Manager, Maintpartner Group, +358 43 820 0064


Peter Gossas appointed Chairman of the Board of Maintpartner Group


Mr Peter Gossas (66) has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Board of Maintpartner Group Oy as of October 16, 2015. Peter Gossas succeeds Jan Mattlin who will continue as a Member of the Board.

- Peter Gossas has a strong background in Swedish and Finnish globally operating industrial companies. He holds broad market knowledge and a good contact network. Peter's help will be valuable in guiding Maintpartner through the next phase of growth and operative development, says Jan Mattlin, Partner at CapMan Buyout.

Peter Gossas has been involved in global business operations through the various executive and board positions he has held over the years, for example at Sandvik and Outokumpu. He has also been active in the Board of the Swedish Steel and Metal Employers Association and The Swedish Association of Industrial Employers.

- I'm very excited to join the board of Maintpartner and look forward to using my experience to help develop the company, says Peter Gossas.

Peter Gossas has Master's degree in Applied Physics. Presently, he is industrial advisor at Peter Gossas AB and KIGO Business Development, and Member of the Board of Höganäs AB and the stock exchange listed Studsvik AB, both of which are Swedish companies.

Further information:

Jan Mattlin, Partner, CapMan Buyout, +358 40 508 6406

Maintpartner is a Nordic supplier of industrial maintenance and operation services. We optimize availability of production in industry and in public sector technical processes. Our ambition is to be the role model for providing industrial maintenance services and the leading industrial maintenance company in Northern Europe with operations globally. Maintpartner Group employs some 1,700 people, and has net sales of approximately EUR 160 million a year.The Group has offices in Finland, Sweden, Poland and Estonia. Maintpartner Group is owned by the management and funds administered by CapMan. More information at

CapMan is one of the European leaders in the private equity industry. For more than 25 years, we have been developing companies and real estate and supporting their sustainable growth. We are committed to understanding the needs of our customers in an ever-changing market environment. Our objective is to provide attractive returns and innovative solutions for our investors and value adding services for professional investment partnerships, growth-oriented companies and tenants. Our entrepreneurial investment partnerships – Buyout, Real Estate, Russia and Credit – as well as our associated company Norvestia are responsible for investment activities and value creation. CapMan's service business offering includes fundraising advisory services, purchasing activities and fund management services to both internal and external customers. CapMan has 100 private equity professionals and assets under management of €3.0


Fortum Power and Heat Polska and Maintpartner continue cooperation in Poland


Fortum Power and Heat Polska and Maintpartner signed an agreement on operation services for fuel handling at Fortum's CHP plant in Czestochowa. The purpose of the agreement is to develop and improve effectiveness and efficiency of operation activities. The agreement is a continuation of cooperation which began in 2011.

Further information:

Dariusz Kowalczyk, President, Maintpartner Poland,  tel.  +48 605 606 657


Industrial maintenance goes digital


Many consider digitalization to be technology. It certainly is, but technology by itself cannot accomplish much – it requires people who use the technology correctly. A major part of our business, industrial maintenance, involves leading people. Technology can be of assistance in this work.

Read Laura Kauppinen's blog, September 2015


Orion and Maintpartner deepen their cooperation in Finland


Orion Oyj and Maintpartner Finland have signed an agreement to deepen the maintenance partnership between the companies. The partnership has lasted several years and will now extend to cover a broader service entity. In the new partnership model Maintpartner's best practices are applied to preventive maintenance and maintenance development at Orion. Maintpartner will also take over the responsibility for both preventive and corrective maintenance operations at agreed parts of the Espoo production plant.

- We want to further improve the availability of our production by investing in preventive maintenance and its development. The strengthened cooperation supports the core processes in our pharmaceutical production which allows us to further improve our special expertise related to these processes, declares Juha-Pekka Virkki from Orion Oyj.

Previous scope of cooperation continues as part of the new service contract at Orion's Espoo and Salo sites.

Further information:

Orion Oyj, Technical Manager, Juha-Pekka Virkki, +358 50 966 5416

Maintpartner Oy, Service Director, Maintenance Contracts, Mika Riekkola, +358 40 739 6607

Orion is a globally operating Finnish company developing pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tests - a builder of well-being. Orion develops, manufactures and markets human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostic tests. The company is continuously developing new drugs and treatment methods. The core therapy areas of Orion's pharmaceutical R&D are central nervous system (CNS) disorders, oncology and respiratory for which Orion develops inhaled Easyhaler® pulmonary drugs.

Orion's net sales in 2014 amounted to EUR 1,015 million and the Company had about 3,500 employees. Orion's A and B shares are listed on NASDAQ Helsinki.


Maintpartner executed annual shutdown project for E.ON's power plants in Sweden


Maintpartner supplies maintenance services at the E.ON power plants in Norrköping and Örebro in Sweden. This year, Maintpartner was responsible also for the annual maintenance overhauls at both power plants.

The power plants in Norrköping and Örebro produce district heat to approximately 100,000 inhabitants each. The annual maintenance period started in April in Norrköping, and in May in Örebro.

- The project was extensive and it was clear from the start that we'd join forces with our Finnish colleagues. We had some 10 experts coming over from Finland, says Anders Mötsch, who headed the project at Maintpartner Sweden.

In Finland, Maintpartner has a long experience of various kinds of power plant maintenance projects and thus extensive special expertise in the branch. Both in Norrköping and Örebro local subcontractors and partners took part in the project. As the power plants are Maintpartner's Maintenance Contract customers, also the local Maintpartner maintenance personnel was involved.

- Co-operation between the Finnish and Swedish specialists has been seamless. We have been able to transfer knowledge between the two countries very efficiently. Our wide competence in installation and expert services provides an excellent basis to perform power plant maintenance projects also internationally, says Martti Kautto, assistant manager for the project in Finland.

According to E.ON, the experts from Finland were professional, and the annual maintenance shutdown project was successful.

Further information:

Anders Mötsch, Maintpartner Sweden, +46 (0)72 722 71 11

Martti Kautto, Maintpartner Finland, +358 (0)50 4532678


Maintpartner's strategy presentation on video


Maintpartner offers versatile services for industrial maintenance. In our service delivery, we value customer focus, reliability and change execution.

See our Group CEO Johan Westermarck going through

Maintpartner strategy on video – click here.


Maintpartner signed maintenance agreement with SKLEJKA EKO in Poland


Maintpartner and SKLEJKA EKO have signed an agreement on maintenance at SKLEJKA EKO plant in Ostrów Wielkopolski in Poland. The agreement is valid from 1 October, 2015.

SKLEJKA EKO IS a leading plywood manufacturer in Poland. The company employs currently some 300 people.

Maintpartner's Maintenance Contracts segment provides a wide range of daily maintenance services to various industry sectors. The new agreement is an integral part of Maintpartner's growth strategy on the Polish market.

Further information:

Dariusz Kowalczyk, Country President, Maintpartner Poland, +48 05 606 657


Maintpartner engineers and builds a factory with equipment installations


TetraChemicals Europe renewed its 50-year-old filter presses at the Kokkola plant in Finland. For the filter presses, a new building was constructed. Engineering and execution of the project was taken care of by Maintpartner.

The filter presses were delivered and installed by Andritz.

- Otherwise we decided to choose Maintpartner for our main partner due to our close co-operation, says Glenn Nyfors, Director of Production at the TetraChemicals Kokkola plant.

Apart from the filter presses, Maintpartner's Installation and Expert Services business segment was responsible for all engineering, procurement, installation, and construction services. Engineering work was based on a preliminary study by a consulting company. For construction and HVAC engineering Maintpartner used its partner network.

- Our staff at Maintpartner's construction, electrical and automation departments as well as machine workshop executed the extensive project in a very tight schedule, says Vesa Ahola, Service Manager at Maintpartner's Kokkola site.

- Our special expertise related to lifting work came handy when the filter presses were installed in the second floor of the new building. Large and heavy filter presses were delivered in parts, which were lifted to their final location through the wall.

Maintpartner took care of the electrical, automation and mechanical engineering as well as the rather extensive piping engineering. Maintpartner was also responsible for all the installation work except for the filter presses.

In addition to other installations, Maintpartner executed the furnishing of the electrical room in the new building, with a new electrical centre and cabling, describes Jouko Riihimäki, Head of Engineering at Maintpartner's Kokkola site.

Filter presses are used to remove impurities from liquidized calcium chloride. Glenn Nyfors, Director of Production at the TetraChemicals Kokkola plant is satisfied with the end result: Production efficiency has improved markedly with the new filter presses.

- Also the project itself was a success. Even though the schedule was extremely tight, only ten months from planning to commissioning, Maintpartner was able to stick to the agreed timetable. Commissioning of the process equipment went fluently and there were zero accidents during the project. All in all we are very satisfied with Maintpartner's input, says Nyfors.

Further information:

Maintpartner Finland, Service Manager Vesa Ahola, +358 40 179 4125



Summer is high season for maintenance shutdowns


Summer months are quite busy in industry when the maintenance shutdowns start. Smaller and bigger stoppages employ maintenance workers from April-May to autumn.

- Preparations for a shutdown are nowadays started in good time, and customers book resources in advance. This gives us the chance to reserve the right number of personnel for each project. Persons are selected based on geographical location and competences, tells Jani Muilu, head of Maintpartner Finland's Installation and Expert Services segment.

In large maintenance shutdowns Maintpartner Finland utilizes own personnel and its special expertise from different units throughout the country. Flexibility in resourcing is provided by subcontractors and temporary agency work if need be.

- We have a wide partner network, with which we have been cooperating for a long time. All customers, however, do not approve of subcontractors or temporary agency work, but expect the shutdown personnel to be hired directly by the supplying company, says Muilu.

Maintpartner's Installation and Expert Services segment offers services that usually are technically more demanding than daily maintenance work and are needed seldom. Maintpartner Finland's specialists often work in projects abroad, in other Maintpartner countries.

- Maintenance shutdowns are typical situations where demand for our expert services is huge not only in Finland but also elsewhere. For example this year we have a team of several persons from Finland working with power plant maintenance in Sweden, says Muilu.

Quality and safety are important also in maintenance shutdowns, and careful preparations and various kinds of trainings take place in advance.

- We carry out a risk analysis and map the safety situation before starting work at the shutdown site. If the customer wishes, also our HSE coordinator can be at site during the shutdown.

- In addition to a safe and well-done job we are pleased that many of our customers want to have the same specialists from us for their next shutdown project, because of quality and safety, Muilu concludes.

Further information: Jani Muilu, Service Director, Installation and Expert Services, Maintpartner Finland, +358 400 885 215


New era of industrial maintenance


Aircraft maintenance is often used as an example of a good operating method in predictive maintenance. High safety targets and the maximization of dispatch reliability have led to a good, systematic method of developing predictive maintenance programs. Thanks to modern technology, industrial maintenance can now also jump directly to the forefront of development.

Manu's blog, May 2015


Customer survey provides valuable information on service quality


Customers evaluated quality of Maintpartner's service and co-operation as well as operations in general in a customer survey that was conducted in February-March this year.

As a whole, the feedback was encouraging and indicates that our services have progressed in an increasingly customer-oriented direction. Majority of the respondents were of the opinion that our operations have continued as before or have improved. They also estimated that co-operation with Maintpartner would remain at the same level as before or increase in the future.

According to the survey, customers appreciate the professionalism of our employees and the daily work they perform. Based on the response, we will focus even more on long-term maintenance development and improve methods related to management of maintenance services, like for example reporting and customer communication.

We are presently going through the survey results with the customers. An action plan will be jointly created for each site to implement the primary development targets.

Improving quality of service delivery and competence development are a central part in Maintpartner's strategy. The survey results form a good basis to take these issues forward.



Customer value creation is the most important area in our strategy


Improvement of our customers' productivity and profitability by means of maintenance is in the core of our strategy.

Read more about our strategy and offerings in the Maintpartner company presentation.




Production line relocation for TELE-FONIKA Kable finished in Poland


Maintpartner has successfully finished a project to relocate a production line for the Polish company TELE-FONIKA Kable. Complete production line of copper cable was transferred from a plant in Zajecar, Serbia to TELE-FONIKA production plant in Bukowno, Poland. Maintpartner was responsible for dismantling of electrical and mechanical parts, loading, transportation, and set up at the new plant.

In addition to comprehensive industrial maintenance and operation services Maintpartner provides various installation and expert services. The installation and expert services include, for example, plant and production line relocations and other maintenance projects requiring special competence.

Further information:

Dariusz Kowalczyk, Country President, Maintpartner Poland, +48 05 606 657


Tom-Peter Helenius to head Multisite segment in Finland


Tom-Peter Helenius has been appointed as Service Director for the Multisite segment and member of the Finnish Management Team as of 13 April 2015.

He comes from the position of General Manager at the Finnish company Grundfos Environment Finland Ltd.

He reports to Country President Markku Simola.

Further information: Markku Simola, +358 50 454 6605


Should I acquire maintenance services from a business partner?

Blog, March 2015

An economic operating environment and intensive competition drives companies to look for opportunities to make their operations more effective and their operating models more flexible. Companies often end up at least considering the acquisition of services not included in their core operations from their business partners.

Read more


Agreement with Trafikverket in Sweden on maintenance of control systems


Maintpartner and Trafikverket in Sweden have signed an agreement regarding operation and maintenance of control, fire and environmental systems of several road tunnels and one bridge. The agreement concerns tunnels in Stockholm, Uppsala and Västmanland counties and the Högakusten brigde and is valid for three years, with an option of two plus one years.

Maintpartner has previously been responsible for operation and maintenance of a similar system in the Söderlänken tunnel in Stockholm. The new agreement is a remarkable extension of scope.

Further information:

Peter Jonsson, Country President, Maintpartner Sweden, +46 708 645 642


Increased quality, efficiency and transparency through MP Flow operational model


Maintpartner's MP Flow® operational model, which is based on advanced ICT and mobile technologies, increases the quality, efficiency and transparency of service production processes.

- Today's digitalized world changes ways of working. In service business, efficiency and high quality in customer service cannot be reached in the long run without harmonizing and bringing broader transparency to the service delivery. This is why we took the strategic decision two years ago to develop a totally new, digitalized operational model, says Laura Kauppinen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development at Maintpartner Group.

In Finland the new concept, MP Flow, is already in daily use. Next step is to launch the MP Flow concept in other Maintpartner countries, Sweden being the first where preparations for piloting have been started.

MP Flow is an efficient way of managing the order-delivery process, and to plan and implement the service production. The MP Flow concept covers the whole process from work orders, work planning, resource management, to execution and reporting. MP Flow unifies both the ICT environment and the day-to-day work in the company.

In the field work, technicians execute their daily maintenance tasks using smartphones while office personnel use desktop applications.

- With the MP Flow model we want, above all, to make it possible for technicians to do their work fluently. One crucial element is good work and resource planning. This ensures that we have the right people with the right competence in the right place at the right time. When executing the work, technicians have right information like device history and instructions with them in their smartphones. They also report back the job done together with required reports real-time, Kauppinen says.

Customers benefit from MP Flow through better quality and efficiency of the service production model. Additionally, customers can use Flow portal to place orders and monitor the progress of service delivery and development of maintenance service KPIs.

- Modern technology produces constantly new technical properties that we can use in developing the MP Flow operational model and system. We continuously add new functionalities to the system. MP Flow together with our services, the MP Value Elements, forms a unique concept in our industry, says Kauppinen.

Further information: Maintpartner Group, Laura Kauppinen +358 (0)45 264 6686


Maintpartner and E.ON Värme sign an agreement in Sweden


Maintpartner and E.ON Värme AB have signed an agreement on maintenance of E.ON's heat and district heating plants in Norrköping and Örebro, Sweden. The agreement aims at increasing the availability and improving health and safety in the plants through systematic development of maintenance. The agreement starts on April 1, 2015 and runs for three years with a one-year option. E.ON has a clear goal to develop its maintenance to be world class.

Maintpartner will through its digital processes and tools for efficient maintenance, the MP Flow system, form one part of this change.

- We are very proud to receive this confidence from E.ON and look forward to be part of E.ON's maintenance development," says Peter Jonsson, CEO of Maintpartner AB.

For further information:

Peter Jonsson, CEO Maintpartner AB, +46 708 645 642


Manu Skyttä appointed as Business Unit Director, MP IN


Maintpartner will start a new business unit responsible for group wide development, sales and delivery of the MP IN concept.

Mr Manu Skyttä has been appointed as Business Unit Director, MP IN. He will start at Maintpartner Group on 1 April, 2015. He will report to Otto Tarkiainen.

Manu has a strong background from service business at Finnair and most recently at Wärtsilä. We are happy to have Manu on board to help us provide industrial services globally.

Further information:

Otto Tarkiainen, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Maintpartner Group, +358 40 176 3112


New maintenance concept MP IN improves the customer's profitability


Maintpartner has successfully developed services and tools, like the MP Value Elements and the MP Flow, that form a unique concept in our industry. Presently we are developing a maintenance concept that is designed to improve our customers' profitability by ensuring and improving production reliability. The MP IN concept is fully productized and can be implemented almost anywhere in the world.

The core of the MP IN concept consists of the key MP Value Element services, the MP Flow field operating system, our management models and as a new feature, advanced simulation analytics tools. Combining these elements ensure that our customers get the added value in form of improved profitability.

- We strongly believe that the MP IN concept supports our objectives to provide industrial services globally, says Otto Tarkiainen, Executive Vice President, Business Development at Maintpartner Group.

The MP IN concept will be launched during the first half of 2015.

Further information:

Otto Tarkiainen, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Maintpartner Group, +35840 176 3112


Excellent HSEQ assessment results for Maintpartner


Maintpartner Finland's health, safety, environmental and quality issues were assessed at the end of 2014 and were found to be on an excellent level. The HSEQ activities are based on the company's group wide management system, the Maintpartner Way.

The assessment was made by an independent external party, the HSEQ Cluster in Finland. The HSEQ Cluster is a voluntary consortium of industrial companies for supplier quality control amongst their suppliers working inside factory areas, production sites and shared workplaces.

The HSEQ Cluster audit team approved Maintpartner without deviations.

In its final report the Cluster states e.g. the following: "Maintpartner had prepared for the assessment in an excellent manner and evidence for all audit points were easily found. The level of leadership is excellent. The company has a functioning and versatile application for all HSEQ observations. The company was interested in all the development possibilities that came up in the assessment."

As a result, Maintpartner's ranking in the HSEQ Cluster statistics is third among the over 100 assessed companies in Finland.

- These results give us also in a broader perspective a positive feedback on Maintpartner Way as a management system providing a platform to do things well. Maintpartner Way is applied not only in Finland but throughout all Maintpartner countries, says Laura Kauppinen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Maintpartner Group.

Further information:
Saija Pottala, Development Manager, Maintpartner Finland, +358 (0)43 820 0064


Martin Grotenfelt appointed as CFO for Maintpartner Group


Mr Martin Grotenfelt has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer for Maintpartner Group and member of the Group Management Team as of 1 February, 2015.

Martin has over 15 years of international experience from finance, strategy, and private equity. Prior to Maintpartner, he was Partner at Intera Partners. He has also been working for Altor Equity Partners and the Boston Consulting Group.

- Maintpartner has a strategy to grow profitably. Martin has strong experience from developing companies and raising them to the next levels of performance. We are very pleased to get Martin to our team, says Johan Westermarck, CEO, Maintpartner Group.

The present Group CFO Teppo Talvinko will continue in his position as CFO, Maintpartner Finland and Estonia and member of the Finnish Management Team reporting to the Country President Markku Simola.

Further information:

Johan Westermarck, CEO, Maintpartner Group, +358 50 339 7972


Customer value creation and profitable growth outline the strategy for 2015


Producing services for industrial maintenance continues to be the core of Maintpartner's business. As for growth, our strategy remains unchanged: We look for steady profitable growth.  We initiated two major projects a couple of years back, the field operating system MP Flow and the launch of productized services, the Value Elements. Thanks to these elements we can now deliver efficiency and quality transparently. We will continue on the same innovative path also in the future and focus even more on customer value creation. Continuous improvement as well as systematic services and operations development will help us in this endeavor.

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CEO Johan Westermarck, +358 50 339 7972