Maintpartner’s level of work safety was assessed as good by customers and personnel

Customers assessed the cooperation with Maintpartner good in an annual customer survey that was carried out in February-March this year.

The results indicate Maintpartner personnel are regarded as professional and service-minded. Very high scores were recorded on safety behavior, including handling of environmental issues, and the quality of services.

At the same time with the customer survey, a survey among employees was conducted. According to the employee satisfaction survey, for example, customer service quality, daily work at the team level and work safety have developed well which correlates strongly with the customer survey responses.

On the basis of the customer survey, the most important development items will be selected for each customer site in co-operation with the customer. The improvements will be implemented according to a jointly agreed schedule.

Further information:

Laura Kauppinen, EVP, Corporate Development, Maintpartner Group, +358 45 264 6686

Otto Tarkiainen, EVP, Service Agreement Business Area, Maintpartner Group, +358 40 176 3112

Jukka Kallioniemi, EVP, Projects & Specialist Services Business Area, Maintpartner Group, +358 50 453 2727

Piotr Sokalla appointed as Technical Director at Maintpartner Group

Piotr Sokalla has been appointed as Technical Director, Business Area Service Agreements at Maintpartner Group as from 1 March 2016.

Piotr Sokalla has long experience in both maintenance and production, including managerial positions. At Maintpartner he will focus on operative development of our operations as well as customer relationship management.

Piotr Sokalla reports to Otto Tarkiainen, Executive Vice President, Business Area Service Agreements.


Further information:

Otto Tarkiainen, Executive Vice President, Business Area Service Agreements, Maintpartner Group,  tel. +358 40 176 3112

Increased energy efficiency through maintenance

Improved energy efficiency is reflected in the KPIs of a production plant as savings and efficient production.

Maintpartner’s practice is to prepare a detailed action plan for each contract site. The plan includes development proposals regarding e.g. production processes, operating model and facility management, where energy efficiency plays an important role.

- Through maintenance we can help to get savings in energy costs and support our customers in implementing the EU energy directive. According to the directive, large companies have to carry out an energy audit every four years. The audit focuses on actions and planned activities to improve energy efficiency. We can help with these actions, says Markku Simola, Country President for Maintpartner in Finland.

Continuation of agreement with Aikawa Fiber Technologies Oy in Varkaus, Finland

Maintpartner Finland continues to deliver comprehensive maintenance services to Aikawa Fiber Technologies Oy. The agreement concerns the production plant in Varkaus, Finland, and is an extension of the long-term maintenance co-operation between the companies.

Aikawa Fiber Technologies (AFT) is a globally operating company specialising in pulp and paper making equipment.

In addition to contract maintenance, Maintpartner offers a wide range of project and specialist services.

Further information: Service Manager Marko Kolehmainen, Maintpartner Finland, +358 400 172 454


Published 15 Feb 2016

Automation specialist in aviation industry has versatile skills

Karol Rojek, an automation specialist at Maintpartner in Poland, works at a customer site in aviation industry. He describes his main responsibilities as repairing machines, eliminating breakdowns and making precise adjustments to CNC machines.

- Aviation is a quite narrow branch of industry, and most of the work tasks and improvements related to automation differ from the tasks in traditional industries, says Karol Rojek.

- We work in a team of two or three persons. Apart from the daily maintenance we also plan and implement modernization of existing equipment and investigate possibilities for new automation solutions to further improve the customer’s production efficiency and profitability.

Longstanding cooperation with Surfactor Finland continues

Maintpartner and Surfactor Finland have signed a contract extension on the maintenance of the Surfactor’s production facility at Kitee, Eastern Finland.

Surfactor Finland produces paper overlays at the Kitee factory, where the maintenance cooperation with Maintpartner has continued since 1998.

Maintpartner has a wide customer base in various industries in Central and Eastern Finland. Apart from contract services we offer versatile project and specialist services for industrial maintenance.

Further information: Service Manager Marko Kolehmainen, Maintpartner Finland, +358 400 172 454


Published 5 Feb 2016