Maintpartner erects the highest triple-launched roller coaster in Finland

The latest new attraction at Särkänniemi Amusement Park in Tampere, Finland was opened to public in mid-June. The novelty is a roller coaster named “Hype” and it was erected by Maintpartner.

Hype3 kuva SarkanniemiInstalling a roller coaster rising up to 45 meters was an inspiring change to the daily work for the Maintpartner team, even for the most experienced technicians, who usually work with installations in industrial plants. Apart from technical and electrical skills, a huge amount of innovative attitude was needed. The work started in February with the erection of massive steel constructions and was finalized on schedule in June with the installation of an advanced magnetic launch system. The maximum speed of the Hype train is 100 km/h, which is created by an approximately 60 m long linear electric motor with 26 stator elements and speed sensors. The installation of the motor required a great accuracy to keep the alignments within exact tolerances.

The nearest similar roller coaster is located in Germany, which makes Hype a unique experience in all respects, both for the Maintpartner team and the numerous amusement park visitors in Tampere.

Further information:
Jani Toivonen, Service Manager, Maintpartner
tel. +358 50 454 4553
Pasi Tolppanen, CEO, Maintpartner Group
tel. +358 40 541 6656


This is how the roller coaster was constructed – see video

Maintpartner renews Group and country management with strong development of industrial services in view

Maintpartner, the pioneer in industrial operation and maintenance in Northern Europe, continues the strong development of its operations by renewing its organization and replacing some of the key persons. Earlier this spring, the Group CEO was already replaced. By these means we are aiming at reinforced customer service and productivity, project management and digital solutions for our customers, all targeted to generate better operating result and profitable growth in our home markets.

New leader for Energy business, management changes in Finland and Sweden

Kosti Rautiainen has been appointed Executive Vice President of the Group’s Energy business. Kosti has more than 14 years of experience of various international management positions in the energy sector. He comes from Fortum, and at Maintpartner he continues the strong development of the services for energy sector customers.

The previous Head of Energy, Jukka Kallioniemi, will take up the position of Country President in Sweden.

Otto Tarkiainen, VP Business Development, has been appointed to head a new unit which focuses on development of customer productivity and digital solutions. Otto and his team will be responsible for the next generation of industrial operation and development services, which include, among others, the digital MP INtelligence analytics solution.

Development Manager Hannu Leskelä has been appointed Director of the service agreement business in Finland. He is responsible for the service agreements in the industrial maintenance sector and customer management in Finland.

Service Manager Markku Leinonen has been appointed Director of Project, Installation and Engineering Services. The unit offers a wide range of expertise for industrial development projects and maintenance.

These appointments take effect on 1 August 2017.

In connection with the new appointments, Johan Westermarck, the previous Group CEO, Markku Simola, Country President in Finland, and Ola Nilsson, acting Country President in Sweden will leave the company.

In Finland, Group CEO Pasi Tolppanen will act as Managing Director for Maintpartner Oy and Maintpartner Expert Services Oy for the time being.

Further information:

Pasi Tolppanen, CEO, Maintpartner Group
tel. +358 40 541 6656

Maintpartner is a major industrial operation and maintenance company in Northern Europe, and the leading operator in the Nordic energy sector. We help our customers improve the productivity of their production plants and minimize process disruptions. In addition to long-term operation and maintenance agreements we serve the industry with development, engineering and installation services. Our digital services for industrial maintenance represent the best-in-class development in the field.

Maintpartner Group employs approximately 1,900 people. In 2016, our net sales amounted to some EUR 160 million. The Group has offices in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Poland.

Sustainability work in the spirit of the UN Global Compact initiative

A year ago, Maintpartner joined the UN Global Compact initiative which aims at creating a globally integrated approach for sustainability in business. In line with the principles set out in the initiative we have developed our sustainability work further in different ways.

Regarding occupational safety, we have made considerable progress over the years in preventing lost-time injuries. To reach our ultimate target, zero accidents, we are more and more focusing on preventing accidents that do not lead to any absence from work. Key measurement for this is TRI, Total Recordable Injuries, which includes also such incidents that require external medical treatment, but do not lead to absence from work. We monitor also the safety performance of our sub-contractors in more detail and according to the same principles as those concerning our own personnel.

We promote occupational health and work ability by preventive actions and active management of work ability related risks as well as by managing sickness absences. We have set clear targets for work ability management and monitor regularly their implementation. For example, in Finland we currently spend more money on preventive actions than costs induced by sick absences.

We support sustainability by building up awareness of environmental aspects within Maintpartner and among our customers, and bring up environmental improvement ideas. We pay special attention to energy efficiency related issues and utilize the improvement proposals made by our personnel by converting them into concrete actions for the benefit of our customers.

Further information:
Laura Kauppinen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Maintpartner Group, +358 45 264 6686

MP INtelligence® improves productivity, safety and profitability

We help our customers optimize their production and minimize process disruptions – see on the video how we do it.

MP INtelligence presentation video

Study on work ability management: Systematic development work at Maintpartner

Maintpartner Finland participated in a study on work ability management conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in 2014-2016. The study covered the years 2008 – 2013.

The work ability processes have been systematically developed at Maintpartner and they are followed all over the organization. According to the study, Maintpartner employees were somewhat more satisfied with the work ability management and the related processes and cooperation than in the average among the ten companies that participated in the study.

Work ability is part of strategy at Maintpartner and there are clear targets, which are followed regularly by the management. Measurements, reporting of results and utilization of measurements are on a good level.

The interviewed employees felt that work ability problems are attended to quickly and personnel is treated equally and fairly.

The respondents were also satisfied with the fact that personnel gets regurlarly instructions and guidance to healthy and safe work methods and support to work ability and health promotion.

The positive development has continued after the survey and the management of work ability risks has improved. The number of occupational accidents and occupational diseases was the lowest in Maintpartner’s history in 2016, and the sick leave percentage was first time less than 5 %.

At Maintpartner, the most important principle is to make preventive measures and to have good cooperation with occupational health services.

Further information:
Maintpartner Finland, Jari Syrjälä, +358 46 851 4616

Maintpartner Finland, Reija Mantila, +358 50 361 2603

Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness through efficient maintenance at Vaasan Ltd bakeries in Finland

Quality and speed of maintenance services as well as high production availability improved the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) at the Vaasan Ltd bakeries in Finland in 2016.

Maintpartner has taken care of the maintenance services at the Vaasan bakeries in Finland since 2010. The contract includes electrical, automation and machine maintenance at eight locations.

- Reacting on deviations and problems is Maintpartner’s strength. When something is raised up, they set to work. Cooperation and good team leaders and technicians are also typical of Maintpartner, summarizes Kari Nylander, Production Director at Vaasan Ltd.

- We have developed preventive maintenance as described in our Value Elements® concept and identified the root causes of disruptions to get objects with frequent malfunctions under control. Now we have a system that allows systematical repairing and servicing of machines and equipment, says Tommi Sankala, Service Manager at Maintpartner.

Focus has also been on efficient use of resources. Flexible resources are available in Maintpartner’s own organization, subcontracting is rarely used.

- We are familiar with the customer’s procedures and know their safety standards, which helps us secure safe operations with high quality. We offer, of course, full service through our extensive contact network regarding services that we ourselves do not provide, says Sankala.

Safety is an important part of Maintpartner’s daily work at Vaasan. We aim for continuous improvement by actively reporting near misses and by carrying out observation walks.

Vaasan Ltd is part of Lantmännen Group, which includes also e.g. the Saue manufacturing unit specialized in frozen bakery products and the bakery company Leibur AS in Estonia. Maintpartner is responsible for maintenance at both of them.

Additional information:
Maintpartner Finland, Service Manager Tommi Sankala, +358 50 564 2645