New Energy Unit to support the development of services to the energy sector

As of 1 January 2017 Maintpartner will establish a new Energy Unit on Group level, headed by Executive Vice President, Business Development Jukka Kallioniemi.

The Energy Unit covers energy-related businesses in Finland, Poland and later on also in Sweden, including e.g. operation and maintenance of power plants and district heating networks.The new unit will help to realize the full potential of Maintpartner’s state-of-the-art IoT solutions in the energy sector.

The Energy Unit does not affect the legal structures in country organizations, which continue as before under Country Presidents: Peter Jonsson in Sweden, Markku Simola in Finland & Estonia, and Dariusz Kowalczyk in Poland.

Further information:
Johan Westermarck, CEO, Maintpartner Group, +358 50 339 7972

Maintpartner is a reliable productivity partner

During the past ten years we have created a solid platform for our operations by developing and implementing our operational model MP Way®, the MP Value Elements® service solutions, the mobile service management concept MP Flow®, and our IoT-based solution for predictive operation and maintenance, MP INtelligence®.

The good basis and our innovations combining human and artificial intelligence ensure that we are today among the frontrunners in the industry and strengthen our vision of being the leader in industrial operation and maintenance, as well as the best productivity partner with operations globally.

We continue to offer first-class operation and maintenance services. Among our customer industries we have chosen especially energy and process industries to focus on in 2017. We will further strengthen and develop our technical expertise, and continue to develop and implement MP Flow and MP INtelligence to improve customer productivity and our own profitability.

Further information:
Johan Westermarck, CEO, Maintpartner Group, +358 50 339 7972

Merry Christmas!

2016 ENG xmas greeting

Maintpartner supports environmental protection of the Baltic Sea

Maintpartner provides industrial operation and maintenance services and assists the customers in achieving the best possible availability by reducing production disruptions and increasing predictive maintenance. We also ensure sustainability in all forms and our customers' quality, safety and environmental requirements are an integral part of our operations.

In a similar way we want to promote the wellbeing of our common Baltic Sea. Each year around Christmas we choose a target to which we make a donation instead of Christmas presents. This year we donate funds to the preservation of the marine environment of the Baltic Sea through WWF.

Our four countries of operation, Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Poland, are connected by the Baltic Sea. Our firm belief is that encouraging sustainable development of the Baltic Sea will create healthy marine conditions and thus strengthen the economic growth in the region, which creates a good foundation for successful business.

Further information: Laura Kauppinen, EVP Corporate Development, Maintpartner Group,
+ 358 45 264 6686

Safety is important for Maintpartner when deciding on new vehicles

Autot artikkeliMaintpartner is renewing its car fleet. When selecting new vehicles, special attention has been paid to usability and up to 50% lower emissions as well as driving safety and good visibility of the vehicles in traffic.

Orange high-visibility color tapes and blinking LED light bars and beacons improve the visibility of the service vehicles in industrial environment and district heating network maintenance worksites, which can be located in areas with busy traffic. The first cars with a refreshed brand look have been taken into use in October.

Further information: Elias Viitakoski, Group Sourcing Manager, +358 40 159 9918

Maintpartner celebrates its 10th anniversary

Maintpartner started its operations as an independent company on 1 November 2006. Prior to that, we were a Fortum Service unit responsible for industrial maintenance. At that time, the number of personnel was some 900, and the company operated in Finland and Sweden. Now we are active also in Poland and Estonia, and operate globally in various projects. The number of personnel amounts to 1900 and the annualized net sales is 190 mEUR.

From the very beginning, we started to grow through new partnership and outsourcing contracts and acquisitions. Today we have a strong market position in Northern Europe and are a trusted partner for many companies. Apart from being a frontrunner and having high expertise in industrial maintenance we are increasingly expanding our focus also to operation.