Maintpartner and airlaid material producer SharpCell enter into cooperation in Finland

Maintpartner and the airlaid material producer SharpCell have agreed on maintenance services in Finland. The maintenance responsibility of the SharpCell production facility transfers to Maintpartner at the beginning of March 2017.

Maintenance development, especially the improvement of preventive maintenance is an integral part of the agreement. SharpCell has acquired the Arrow Novi maintenance management system and the Maintpartner MP Flow® order-delivery system, and the coordination of the systems has started. Following the start of the agreement all work orders are made in the system, which allows, for example, device-specific reporting.

Maintpartner takes over also the annual maintenance shutdowns, the supervision of electrically operated equipment and machinery, as well as the supervision of pressure equipment/natural gas.

SharpCell Oy operates in Kausala, Finland, and manufactures airlaid nonwoven fabric, which is used, e.g. in hygiene products, table-setting products, and napkins. Main part of the production is exported.

Further information:
Jari Oinonen, Sales Manager, Maintpartner Finland, +358 50 436 5133

Maintpartner is the expert productivity partner for industrial operation and maintenance

Industrial companies look for skilled partners to improve their productivity and competitiveness. Operation and maintenance is the area where Maintpartner can help their customers achieve their objectives.

The competence and expertise of Maintpartner’s personnel combined with advanced digital services contribute to increased productivity in a safe and sustainable way. The digital services enable efficient and transparent operations.

The field workforce management system MP Flow®, which Maintpartner has developed, brings benefits both as a tool and an operational model. For example, we can combine the customer’s and Maintpartner’s processes and integrate the MP Flow system into the customer’s CMMS. This enables handling work orders, monitoring and reporting through one channel in a smooth manner.

Maintpartner can also with MP Intelligence® offer an excellent a solution for optimizing, analyzing and providing predictive guidance for operation and maintenance operations. With MP INtelligence we can prevent a significant part of production disturbances whether they are caused by errors in operation or faulty devices. MP INtelligence is not only about data management but also about providing real additional value by improving customers’ productivity.

Combining the expertise of our people with our digital services produces solutions that will result in higher productivity, the development of which is a strong focal point at Maintpartner.

Technical skills in industrial operation and maintenance are one of our objectives that we are resolutely working towards by broadening and deepening the competence and expertise of our employees. As a comprehensive expert company Maintpartner is the best productivity partner for its customers both locally and globally.

Further information: Johan Westermarck, CEO, Maintpartner Group, +358 50 339 7972

Maintpartner and Ariterm agree on maintenance and installation services of bio heating systems in Finland

Maintpartner Finland and biomass boiler manufacturer Ariterm Oy have signed a framework agreement on maintenance and installation services regarding the bio heating systems delivered by Ariterm in Finland. Maintpartner is one of Ariterm’s main subcontractors relating to maintenance services.

Maintpartner has a comprehensive national organization which enables cost effective and quick maintenance and installation services throughout the country.

Ariterm, an energy technology pioneer, is the leading manufacturer of bio heating systems with capacity less than 10 MW in the Nordic countries, and the strong expertise that Maintpartner has in the energy sector is an integral part of the cooperation. Ariterm develops, manufactures and markets heating technology for renewable fuels like pellets, firewood and wood chips.

Further information:
Jari Oinonen, Sales Manager, Maintpartner Finland, +358 50 4365133

Maintpartner delivers floodgate to Vattenfall in Sweden

Maintpartner Sweden delivers and installs an 86 ton floodgate to the Vargö hydropower plant owned by Vattenfall in Vänersborg/Trollhättan region during 2017. Maintpartner takes care also of the dismantling of the old floodgate.

- In the past decade we have successfully delivered a significant number of floodgates, which has further increased our expertise in this area. We are delighted that our customers appreciate the quality of our floodgates and the competence of our technicians, says Mikael Hultgren, Service Manager at Maintpartner Sweden.

Additional information:
Peter Jonsson, Country President, Maintpartner Sweden, +46 (0)70 864 56 42

New Energy Unit to support the development of services to the energy sector

As of 1 January 2017 Maintpartner will establish a new Energy Unit on Group level, headed by Executive Vice President, Business Development Jukka Kallioniemi.

The Energy Unit covers energy-related businesses in Finland, Poland and later on also in Sweden, including e.g. operation and maintenance of power plants and district heating networks.The new unit will help to realize the full potential of Maintpartner’s state-of-the-art IoT solutions in the energy sector.

The Energy Unit does not affect the legal structures in country organizations, which continue as before under Country Presidents: Peter Jonsson in Sweden, Markku Simola in Finland & Estonia, and Dariusz Kowalczyk in Poland.

Further information:
Johan Westermarck, CEO, Maintpartner Group, +358 50 339 7972

Maintpartner is a reliable productivity partner

During the past ten years we have created a solid platform for our operations by developing and implementing our operational model MP Way®, the MP Value Elements® service solutions, the mobile service management concept MP Flow®, and our IoT-based solution for predictive operation and maintenance, MP INtelligence®.

The good basis and our innovations combining human and artificial intelligence ensure that we are today among the frontrunners in the industry and strengthen our vision of being the leader in industrial operation and maintenance, as well as the best productivity partner with operations globally.

We continue to offer first-class operation and maintenance services. Among our customer industries we have chosen especially energy and process industries to focus on in 2017. We will further strengthen and develop our technical expertise, and continue to develop and implement MP Flow and MP INtelligence to improve customer productivity and our own profitability.

Further information:
Johan Westermarck, CEO, Maintpartner Group, +358 50 339 7972