Merry Christmas!

2016 ENG xmas greeting

Maintpartner supports environmental protection of the Baltic Sea

Maintpartner provides industrial operation and maintenance services and assists the customers in achieving the best possible availability by reducing production disruptions and increasing predictive maintenance. We also ensure sustainability in all forms and our customers' quality, safety and environmental requirements are an integral part of our operations.

In a similar way we want to promote the wellbeing of our common Baltic Sea. Each year around Christmas we choose a target to which we make a donation instead of Christmas presents. This year we donate funds to the preservation of the marine environment of the Baltic Sea through WWF.

Our four countries of operation, Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Poland, are connected by the Baltic Sea. Our firm belief is that encouraging sustainable development of the Baltic Sea will create healthy marine conditions and thus strengthen the economic growth in the region, which creates a good foundation for successful business.

Further information: Laura Kauppinen, EVP Corporate Development, Maintpartner Group,
+ 358 45 264 6686

Safety is important for Maintpartner when deciding on new vehicles

Autot artikkeliMaintpartner is renewing its car fleet. When selecting new vehicles, special attention has been paid to usability and up to 50% lower emissions as well as driving safety and good visibility of the vehicles in traffic.

Orange high-visibility color tapes and blinking LED light bars and beacons improve the visibility of the service vehicles in industrial environment and district heating network maintenance worksites, which can be located in areas with busy traffic. The first cars with a refreshed brand look have been taken into use in October.

Further information: Elias Viitakoski, Group Sourcing Manager, +358 40 159 9918

Maintpartner celebrates its 10th anniversary

Maintpartner started its operations as an independent company on 1 November 2006. Prior to that, we were a Fortum Service unit responsible for industrial maintenance. At that time, the number of personnel was some 900, and the company operated in Finland and Sweden. Now we are active also in Poland and Estonia, and operate globally in various projects. The number of personnel amounts to 1900 and the annualized net sales is 190 mEUR.

From the very beginning, we started to grow through new partnership and outsourcing contracts and acquisitions. Today we have a strong market position in Northern Europe and are a trusted partner for many companies. Apart from being a frontrunner and having high expertise in industrial maintenance we are increasingly expanding our focus also to operation.

Improving safety management with help of mobile solutions

We use digital tools in operation and maintenance processes and as a part of our safety management.

Digital tools enable better preventive safety work, they help us to obtain information about defects quickly. At Maintpartner, it is possible to use mobile devices to report incidents, near misses and other observations directly into the system. It is a quick and simple way to report deviations immediately on-the-spot. Also explanatory photos can be attached to the reports.

Along with the mobile reporting possibility, the threshold to give reports is lower for the field personnel. When the number of reported near miss cases increases, the number of accidents decreases. Also, the higher the number of different persons who report near miss cases, the quicker the number of accidents decreases.

At Maintpartner, observation walks are an important part of our preventive safety work, and also they can be reported with help of mobile devices, which speeds up the process.

- Issues detected during observation walks that need to be corrected are automatically transferred as deviations in the system for further actions. This way we can quickly get hold of defects and make sure that they are taken care of, describes Tommy Seilonen, EHSQ Manager at Maintpartner.

Another preventive method is the hazard assessment before starting the work. Also here we at Maintpartner are changing over to digital tools; the hazard assessments are already done with help of mobile devices at some of our work sites. This practice will be applied stepwise at all sites.

- We work continuously to improve safety towards zero accidents among our personnel and sub-contractors, says Seilonen.

Further information:
Tommy Seilonen, EHSQ Manager, Maintpartner, +358 40 186 8485

Maintpartner maximizes production plant availability by remote monitoring

Tens of thousands of measuring points produce real-time data for analysis. The Control Tower remote monitoring center at Maintpartner receives without delay information about equipment where disturbances have been detected.

- Our reaction to deviations is immediate. When a disturbance occurs our specialists contact personally the production plants or alternatively the system sends an automatic message about the deviation to operation and maintenance. When necessary, we can also send work orders for further actions, describes Harri Paukkeri, Head of the Control Tower operations at Maintpartner.

The Control Tower is part of Maintpartner’s MP INtelligence® services. MP INtelligence® is designed for analyzing, optimizing and controlling operation and maintenance operations. The service helps to detect production disturbances and critical safety- and environment-related failure risks in good time before the actual failure occurs so that it is possible to react to them.