Automation specialist in aviation industry has versatile skills

Karol Rojek, an automation specialist at Maintpartner in Poland, works at a customer site in aviation industry. He describes his main responsibilities as repairing machines, eliminating breakdowns and making precise adjustments to CNC machines.

- Aviation is a quite narrow branch of industry, and most of the work tasks and improvements related to automation differ from the tasks in traditional industries, says Karol Rojek.

- We work in a team of two or three persons. Apart from the daily maintenance we also plan and implement modernization of existing equipment and investigate possibilities for new automation solutions to further improve the customer’s production efficiency and profitability.

Longstanding cooperation with Surfactor Finland continues

Maintpartner and Surfactor Finland have signed a contract extension on the maintenance of the Surfactor’s production facility at Kitee, Eastern Finland.

Surfactor Finland produces paper overlays at the Kitee factory, where the maintenance cooperation with Maintpartner has continued since 1998.

Maintpartner has a wide customer base in various industries in Central and Eastern Finland. Apart from contract services we offer versatile project and specialist services for industrial maintenance.

Further information: Service Manager Marko Kolehmainen, Maintpartner Finland, +358 400 172 454


Published 5 Feb 2016

Sofia Sjöström appointed as Country CFO for Maintpartner Sweden

Sofia Sjöström has been appointed as Country CFO for Maintpartner Sweden as of 7 March 2016. She is member of the Swedish management team and reports to Peter Jonsson, MD at Maintpartner AB and to Martin Grotenfelt, CFO at Maintpartner Group Oy.

Sofia is B.Sc in Economics and has worked in several financial management and marketing positions at Statoil, Niscayah and Cloetta. Most recently she was the Head of Controlling at SATS ELIXIA Group.

Maintpartner is a leading company in industrial maintenance in northern Europe. The number of personnel is about 1,700. The Group operates in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Poland.

Further information:

Peter Jonsson, CEO, Maintpartner AB
Martin Grotenfelt, CFO, Maintpartner Group Oy


Published 1 Feb 2016

Maintenance partnership between Hexion and Maintpartner continues

Hexion Oy and Maintpartner Finland have extended their contract on the maintenance of Hexion's production facility at Kitee in Finland. The partnership with Hexion at Kitee has started already in 1998.

At Kitee, Hexion Oy manufactures resins for industrial use.

Maintpartner has a strong foothold in industrial maintenance in the chemical sector. In addition to contract services we offer project and specialist services.

Further information: Service Manager Marko Kolehmainen, Maintpartner Finland, +358 400 172 454


Published 27 Jan 2016

Neste awarded Maintpartner for execution of safe and high-quality work

Neste,  a leading independent northern European oil refining and marketing company, has awarded Maintpartner with a Diploma of Honor for work delivered with high-quality and safe working methods during the maintenance turnaround in 2015 at the Porvoo refinery in Finland.

Some 60 experts from Maintpartner participated in the maintenance turnaround. The assignments consisted mainly of machining and oiling work as well as servicing of fans, pumps and electrical motors. Also inventory and logistics related work, welding and equipment repairs were included. Some of the equipment, like pumps, was serviced at Maintpartner’s own workshop.

Maintpartner was strongly committed to the safety requirements set by Neste.

- Safety is of utmost importance to us. Our work for promoting safe working methods is long-term and our staff is sensitive to the safety aspect. This kind of acknowledgement warms and increases motivation further, says Markku Simola, Country President, Maintpartner Finland.

Further information:

Markku Simola, Country President, Maintpartner Finland  +358 50 454 6605


Published 13 Jan 2016

Kemijoki continues contract on maintenance of hydropower plants in Finland

Kemijoki Oy and Maintpartner Finland have renewed their agreement on maintenance and local operations for two of Kemijoki Oy's hydropower plants on the River Lieksanjoki, Finland. Maintpartner has had the operational responsibility for both of the plants since 2008.

Maintpartner’s experience on operation and maintenance of hydropower plants extends back over several decades. In addition to long-term service agreements, Maintpartner offer specialist services for overhauls and other special projects at hydropower plants.

Further information: Service Manager Marko Kolehmainen, Maintpartner Finland, +358 400 172 454


Published 21 Jan 2016