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Our digital toolbox includes advanced solutions for optimization of industrial operation and maintenance, predictability and work management:

  • MP INtelligence: predictive analytics system that warns of emerging failures and process disturbances long before they escalate, and before any other systems react
  • Dynamic Predictive Maintenance ensuring that the preventive maintenance program is built and focused right
  • MP Flow, our mobile workflow management system that supports and enhances the field work

MP INtelligence

The ground-breaking solution to handle all available process data in a single model to detect equipment failures and process disturbances beforehand

MP INtelligence helps to avoid unexpected production stoppages and downtime which might cost millions of euros. It typically eliminates 30–80% of unavailability costs.

The solution creates intelligent correlations, detects patterns, and independently learns the industrial process models when handling the signal data provided by the customer. In one of our customer sites, MP INtelligence processes in real-time close to 70,000 signals coming from a power plant.

Other powerful benefits of MP INtelligence include a very fast implementation and an ability to continuously guide the operators to optimize the plant operations and processes.

Our customers using the solution are active in energy (CHP, nuclear, hydro), pharmaceutical, chemical, aviation, OEM, as well as pulp and paper industries.
Contact us if you’d like to know how to make your data work for you.

Dynamic Predictive Maintenance (DPM)

Identify the most critical parts of the process to ensure their optimal maintenance

Every industrial facility is unique – a set of processes of which some are more prone to failures than others, or more critical for the production. Criticality classification and modelling and simulation of maintenance show, which of the machines and equipment are vulnerable and should be well maintained.

DPM ensures that the preventive maintenance program has been optimized in accordance with the plant’s performance targets. From the business point of view, maintenance resources can be allocated to the most critical objects without delay.

MP Flow

Efficient mobile system for workflow management ensures full transparency for the customer

Our field work management system ensures that the right maintenance work is performed at the right time and that there are the right resources for the implementation.

Our technicians use the MP Flow mobile application to communicate maintenance needs and orders, and the data is updated in the plant’s maintenance system without delay. The customer has continuous visibility to pending and completed maintenance operations.

Read more about MP Flow and how it works in practice.


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