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industrial maintence

We take care of the daily maintenance and long-term maintenance development of our customers’ facilities. This allows our customers to focus on their core business operations.

Together with the customer, we tailor the services for each object to best support the customer's strategy. In addition to maintenance, you can outsource to us storage, purchasing and tendering procedures for service providers, among other things.

Transfer of maintenance responsibility to an external partner requires good preparation. Over the years we have carried out this process for about a hundred times and have certainly learned how to manage it.

Our comprehensive solutions comprise services according to customer needs

Do you want to improve the productivity of your production facility?  Ask about our services aimed at reducing disruptions in operation:

  • Criticality analysis of production machines
  • Maintenance programs applying measuring techniques
  • Maintenance services
  • Production machine database management in CMMS, linking spare parts and production machines in CMMS
  • MP INtelligence diagnosing
  • Development of operator maintenance
  • Root cause analyses
  • Development of production processes and LEAN-/Six Sigma methods

Should your activities be more cost-efficient? For example, these services from our offering help you to reach your goals:

  • Maintenance order-delivery processes
  • MP procurement agreements
  • Maintenance sub-contracting, development and management
  • Flexibility in maintenance resourcing
  • Management of spare parts and inventory
  • Maintenance management systems

Should the management of operation and maintenance be developed? We can do these for you:

  • Maintenance audit
  • Reporting and meeting procedures
  • Maintenance strategy process
  • Management of institutional liabilities
  • Maintenance development – ROADMAP

Do you need help with installation or engineering services in your project, or with maintenance work, whether large or small, at your facility? We have almost 500 professionals, who carry out the following work:

  • Electrical, automation, mechanical and process engineering
  • Mechanical, electrical and instrumentation installations and supervision
  • Welding, also with qualifications
  • Operational control required by authorities
  • Installation, modification and relocation of production lines
  • Workshop services
  • 24/7 on call service

Do you want to improve your HR, safety and sustainability related activities? We can offer you the following services:

  • Safety and environmental audits
  • Programs to improve occupational safety
  • ESQ management of maintenance services
  • Competence development and management of maintenance


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