Our diversified project, installation and engineering services

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We provide a wide range of skills and competencies to complement daily maintenance operations.

We can respond to your needs in a flexible manner, whether you require ordinary maintenance or a more demanding repair or alteration work. Our biggest works are equipment and production line relocations either within the facility or globally. Smaller jobs include, for example, mold repairs or design and construction of a handrail to a factory. Our scale extends as far as your needs.

Apart from facilities, our work covers various types of special needs. Here are just a few examples:

  • Specially fitted-out vehicle bodies for work sites
  • Installation and maintenance of amusement park equipment
  • Special work in the public sector
  • Pump and valve maintenance

Our engineering and programming services comprise

  • Electrical and automation engineering
  • Layout design related to transferring and installing equipment and production lines
  • Machine and equipment design, either as individual projects or as part of a larger package
  • Steel structure design
  • Process design

Our installation services include

  • Supervision and project management
  • Mechanical installations
  • Electrical, automation and instrumentation installations
  • Supervision of electrically operated equipment and machinery
  • Installation supervision and pressure vessel control
  • Welding, also in jobs requiring qualification

Our services are complemented by

  • Technical measuring services, for example vibration measurements and thermal imaging
  • Machining work, for example repair of molds and machine parts
  • Work according to PED
  • Frequency converter maintenance (authorized Vacon service)

These are only a part of our services – please contact us and ask for more information.


 For services by country, please visit the respective country’s Internet site.

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